Floor Resurfacing

While some people are fine with a garage that is just used to park their cars and store their items, the idea of converting one’s garage into a living space is a new trend with limitless possibilities. At home gyms, man caves, workstations, offices, and game rooms are just a few of the conversions people have made. As people have begun decorating their garages in a way that expresses their unique personality, they have started to try different garage floor resurfacing ideas that truly convert their garage into a place that they want to hang out it. Here are some of the most popular garage floor resurfacing options!

Concrete Sealers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that will give your garage floors a noticeable, shiny sheen while helping keep unattractive stains off the floor, choose a concrete sealer. For the optimal appearance and protection, make sure to choose a solvent-based sealer. You’ll want to clean garage floor stains before sealing it for the best look.

Concrete Stain

Like concrete sealers which simply layer upon your garage’s original concrete, stains are a great way to customize the color of your garage and give it a completely unique look. Many people opt for acid stained and color dyed floors. The end result is a garage floor that resembles the look of natural stone.


Epoxy floors use a combination of resin and hardener to create a durable, attractive surface that can withstand a great deal of foot traffic. There are many different looks you can achieve with epoxy. Flooring chips, gravel, solid granite, bright colors, tough mortar, and terrazzo are a few common epoxy applications.

Acrylic Paint 

You can also use latex acrylic paint to decorate your garage floor and cover up old stains that won’t go away no matter how much you try to clean them. Since you can find paint in almost any color you can image, there’s definitely a lot of unique options for painting your garage floor.

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