patient engagement solutions

Not only advancement in the medicines and technology or inventions of new techniques of simplified surgery and treatment but also the health care industry has seen a revolution with the introduction of EMR and EHRs. However it has been observed that the patients, themselves are not quite attached to their treatment or medical process, there is a lag or ignorance towards medicines and check-ups. As a result of which the after care is not that fast or often it is not up to the mark.

in order to ensure that the patients take ownership of their own health care by understanding and engaging in the treatment process, Patient Engagement Solutions software have contributed like no other. It’s important that the patient understands and takes charge of his own health care – medicines, dosages, appointments, queries after getting discharged and lots more.

With this amazingly digitally smart software you can actually get all the benefits that help you focus on your health care rather than dealing with the hassles of booking appointments, reading prescriptions, collecting laboratory test reports and lots more. Whether you are a patient or you own a medical unit of your own, before incorporating the software below are the details you should check.

Estimated Facts

Patient Engagement Software is one of the fastest growing in demand among the other health care software owing to its several benefits and being patient friendly in nature. As per the  study by Markets and Markets, a leading health care research firm, the patient engagement software had a marketplace worth about $5.5 billion back in 2014, and is expected to reach at around $13.7 billion by 2019.


The benefits of Patient Engagement Software are captured below:

  • Allows the patient and medical provider to communicate – for small queries after release, or appointment schedules or changes in dosages etc.
  • Facility to download test results, discharge details, billing details etc. and also send them to other providers.
  • Book appointments in their preferred slots
  • Reminders are sent out so that no appointment is missed.
  • Online bill payments and download option for receipts available.
  • The Patient Engagement Solutions has been innovated to make the patients engage with their health situations, which enables better understanding of their health where all their medical records are maintained and can be accessed with passwords. Not only the patients but their family can also get involved with the help of this digitally smart software.
  • All the medical and health data of the patients are maintained with privacy. You can register only if your health care provider has registered in the patient engagement software. It is a severe violation of HIPPA to share the data without the patient’s consent and it should be viewed and agreed by both the parties when the data is to be shared among the different medical units.
  • There is an app for Patient Engagement Software which you can download on your Android or IOS device. You can access all your medical details via the app, make payments, book appointments with your doctor and lots more just like a shopping site.

Go hassle free with the digitally Smart Patient Engagement Solutions to ensure you get well sooner. Take the first step by registering yourself whether you are a patient or own a medical unit. Get healthy digitally!