How To Get Perfect Mango Dices

When you see the mango, it seems like it would be easy to cut, but chefs and pro cooks take it as an art to cut a mango to get perfect Mango Dices or Mango Cubes. If you are doing it for the first time, it may leave you with a big, juicy mess. Moreover, mango contains a bog pit in the middle that is difficult to cut around.

Professionals rely on different methods for cutting mangoes. When you dice or slice or cube cut the mangoes, you enjoy this delicious fruit more than before.

Steps for Cubing a Mango

  1. Before cutting any vegetable or fruit, it is important to wash it thoroughly with tap water. You must wash the mango before cutting. While washing under running tap water, rub the skin gently.
  2. Place the mango on a wooden cutting/chopping board. Using your one hand while holding the mango, you can cut the mango downwards from the top of it.
  3. Use the serrated edge knife to cut the mango slice into pieces. You will notice a flat pit in the middle of mangoes, which is unable to cut into. Mango comes in oval shape. When you cut it inti thirds, make two parallel slices about ¾” thick.
  4. Score the mango cheek – Use your knife and make lengthwise and crosswise cuts on the slices. Make sure the cut should not go through the skin.
  5. Press the back side of the slice to poke out the flesh. Get ready to remove the majority of mango flesh.
  6. Take a spoon and gig the poked out flesh without cutting through the skin.
  7. Voila! You get fresh mango dices. Now make anything with them. Freeze them or make mango salsa or anything you like.

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