Freelance Content Writer

In the highly competitive virtual world, websites need informative, appealing, gripping, creative, reader-friendly, and original content. Google will rank any website and its content based on its originality.

Many people have a flair for writing, but finding a way to get paid for your skills can be the most challenging part.

The net is a vast content marketplace, but it is hard to find the right job for a freelance content writer, and there is no consistency in the position.

Not anymore we want to pay you for your writing skills and talents providing you with writing jobs.

Who is

To meet the needs of content writers and clients, was born in 2015. In a few months, it has become the leading name in the content writing industry.

No matter what kind of content you write, a freelance content writer can find various jobs from different domains. The interface for both writers and clients is transparent and easy to navigate.

Freelance content writers looking to start and build a career in content writing will find this web portal a boon.

You can get some regular clients and build a relationship, and also earn a steady income. There are thousands of topics and domains to choose from; you will never go without a job.

Simple Registration

You only need a genuine email id or a Facebook account to open an account on Contentmart. After the registration, all freelance content writers must pass an English examination.

Suppose you want to be a verified writer. In that case, there is another online assessment to be completed within several stipulated days, where you will have to write on topics provided by the Contentmart team and submit them for evaluation.

Once verified, the writer will get a verified status from Contentmart. The Freelance content writers can start bidding on the projects. The work has to be completed within the given deadline. The client can even send personal orders individually.

Easy bid

As a freelance content writer, you can bid on any of the listed projects on the order page. You can suggest the price and time duration while making your offer or go with the client’s price and deadlines.

Once the client accepts your bid and places an order, you must submit the project within the given time limit. After the submission, your project will undergo a plagiarism check to ensure that the content submitted to the client is original and has not been copied.

Subsequently, who will present the content to the client, and once the client approves, who will transfer payment to your account.

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