Valentines Day Gift 2017

Emerald is a precious stone that is the purest form of green ray energy. “Best Astrologer India Suggests” people to “Gift Their Lover’s Emerald Ring This Valentine” because this is the stone that makes your love life protected. The Heart Chakra Based Energy makes Emerald a stone of successful and abundant LoVE.

Natural Emerald Crystal helps you to let go of negativity and create positive actions and results.

Emerald gives you strength to overcome any problems you face in your life. Green color is a symbol of energy, which is itself embodied within stones that carry green ray just like emerald stone. These beautiful gemstones emit the green ray that produces vibration and open the heart chakra and draw love into your life.

Emerald has superb qualities, and this is why it was selected to be a May birthstone and is usually used in engagement rings because of its strong loving vibration. If you are in confusion what gift should you give to your lover this valentine, you can gift this precious emerald stone. Emerald stone ring can be the best valentine gift for your lover as it will drive strong energy in your relationship and make it stronger.

Symbolic Meaning of Emerald Stone

The emerald is a purest stone of Mercury and has been considered as a symbol of hope. The stone emerald is lucky for love, so when you give your lover an emerald, it may keep them faithful to you.

How To Wear Emerald?

If you are wearing emerald first time, make sure it should not be less than two carats in size. You can get it in either silver or gold. The first day of wearing your emerald ring or pendant should be Wednesday. You should wear it at sunrise or two hours following sunrise.

Emeralds are symbol of love and generosity and so a gift of emerald will bring good fortune. Emeralds also support good health, happiness, and wealth and lower the possibility of snake bites.

If you are pregnant and wearing emerald, it will not endure prolonged labor. Emeralds are among those stones that reduce mental stress and regulate blood circulation.

You should get the emerald jewelry from the best astrologer India. Since there are suppliers dealing in synthetic emerald jewelry. You should avoid them and get the real gemstone for benefits. To avail more information, just search some reliable names of jewelers who are doing business since years.