gold rings for women

Gold rings have always been seen as a symbol of elegance in the society. This is partly due to the rarity of the gold metal in the world, and to some extent, this is due to the difficult refining process of gold. However, the concept of gold rings gained prominence after the discovery of vast amounts of gold in the USA in the early nineteenth century. The rings have evolved a number of times since their inception, and in this article, we shall discuss the different types of gold rings that you might come across at a jewellery showroom.

Engagement Ring

This is the most chosen and common type of ring which you will see in the jewellery store. It usually has a cut diamond set into it, although the diamond part is now replaced by other precious stones as well. You can find a large number of gold ring price below 6000 due to a huge variety in their design in the category of engagement rings.

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is designed to hold a single diamond into it, usually with the help of prongs. This is a very common and sought after design in rings because it can be transformed into various types of rings. For example, by replacing the diamond with a birthstone, a solitaire ring can become a birthstone ring.

Cluster Ring

A cluster ring, as the name suggests is a ring with a cluster of diamonds fixed at the top of the ring. The ring contains a large number of diamonds and gems into it, but there is always a main piece of diamond or any other precious stone embedded into the ring to grab the attention of the viewers.

Fashion Ring

This type of ring is generally made to showcase one’s fashion sense. Such rings do not have a defined design. The fashion icons and fashion designers present them at various fashion events to promote their designs, which eventually becomes a trend.

Nugget Ring

Nugget Rings were initially worn exclusively by men. These rings have a flat top and a dominant precious stone at the top. However, these days small sized nugget rings are also being worn by women. These rings are set with gemstones. A popular place to witness both men and women showing off their nugget rings is Alaska, where gold is in abundance.

Promise Ring

A promise ring is exchanged to signify friendship, cultural values or sometimes a commitment to someone. These rings are simple in design with the top part having a shape (say a heart) with a precious stone embedded into it. However, any other ring can also be used as a promise ring.

Signet Ring

A signet ring earlier was used by kings and important officials as a seal to issue orders. The ring has initials of the person wearing it, and it could be easily used to put a stamp on the orders. But with the advent of time, these rings only have a material value.

Wedding Band

This is a common ring worn by people who are already married. This ring has no definite top and is a simple ring made up of a metal. This ring is extremely light and easy to wear, hence preferred by a large number of people.Along with the gold ring,earrings are also important in the wedding. You can choose gold earrings designs in 2 grams for the special occasion.

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