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So you have just found a new home. It is a lovely little flat that suits you perfectly. The only problem is that you have no one to help you with the shift in process. Buying new furniture, handing in the brokerage, arranging for the deposit, and finally, the actual move into the house. If you can relate to this, then this article is for you.

For all the newbies out there who need help to convert their house to a humble abode, the solution is within reach. NestAway is a user-friendly home-rental network that is helping thousands of people get their dream home. It not only helps you find the house of your choice but will also help you arrange it as per your needs. Here are a few tips that will help you move into your dream home, worry-free.

Look for a pre-furnished house that comes with all the basic essentials. You can always look for a shared fully furnished flat or paying-guest accommodation. This not only saves a lot of money for you but also avoids the unnecessary task of shopping for furniture outside.

NestAway homes have a simple-procedure-required pre-rental. While most houses tax you a great deal in the name of brokerage, NestAway has only a two-month deposit and zero brokerage fees. This is greatly economical as you need not worry about spending all your savings on the brokerage.

Fit into the crowd right away by joining the community for the tenants, popularly known as the “Nesties” community. Join the parties and events organised by this community.

Are you allergic to dogs and cats? Do you want a house in a neighborhood that does not have pets at all? You can do so by immediately finding the house of your choice with the above preferences. At NestAway, you can find the perfect home, without having to bother about any of these after you move in.

Have you found a house that has new people from different backgrounds in the neighborhood? Do you worry about the compromises that you might have to make? At NestAway, you need not bother about that. Irrespective of your cultural and religious preferences, you can find a comfortable home for yourself in the neighborhood of the NestAway homes.

Every house requires a little bit of work before you turn it into your dream home. But often this tiny effort tends to put a huge amount of stress on you, especially when you are living away from home and trying to make your life independently.

Whether you want to rent a house in Pune or find furnished private rooms for rent in Bangalore, with such promising home-rental networks, you can start your life at your new abode with a sense of contentment and happiness.