How could you benefit from implant from Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond?

Rising smiles

Throughout the UK, an increasing amount of patients – both elderly and young – are taking the initiative to seek out much needed dental work, and achieve a straightener, healthier looking smile.

Across the board, there has been a significant spike in dental awareness and engagement over recent years, and the amount of people seeking out cosmetic dentistry solutions through practices such as Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond, is at an all time high.

The reasoning for this peak in dental engagement, is thought to be – in part – related to the increasing amount of social media documentation. Through constant exposure, people have – on the hole – become more aware and conscious of their smiles, and as such have taken it upon themselves to seek out the much needed course of treatment.

Another potential reason behind the recent peak in interest and dental engagement is due to the ‘perfect’ smile we are constantly exposed to, through films, television and music, being the catalyst to cause patients across the country assess their own smile, and how best they can be improved.

A hole lot of problems

Whist, collectively, the amount of patients seeking out dental implant treatment are on the rise, there continues to be a large portion of the public who refrain from seeking the much needed treatment.

It is estimated that over millions of adults live in the UK today with untreated missing teeth. Whilst those who do have an untreated missing tooth might find it possible to ‘grin and bear it’ they may not perhaps be aware of the massively deferential effect that having an untreated missing tooth can have on both their oral health, and general social wellbeing.

One of the most common, and visibly obvious effects of having an untreated missing tooth, is the loss of bone tissue. Bone loss is caused by the bone around the patient’s missing tooth being reabsorbed by the body, and displaced elsewhere. The results of which often result in the patient appearing far older than their years.

Another problem which may arise through not replacing a missing tooth, is the loss of speech. This is a common, and notable side effect, that may have negative ramification within the patient’s social life, as well as their oral health.

Bridging the gaps

Thankfully however, due to the wonders of modern dental science, those who suffer from a missing tooth can find their smile fully restored in a way which is vastly more durable and permanent than either crowns or bridges.

The process of undertaking a dental implant procedure would initially consist of a consultation between the patient and a dental implant specialist with whom they are comfortable.

This consultation is done to gauge whether a patient is eligible for treatment, and also highlight the positive impact that it may have on them. Thereafter, providing the patient wishes to continue with the treatment, a small hole would be made within the roof of the patient’s jaw, between the gap where they are missing on or more teeth.

Next, a titanium-alloy root is placed within the hole and left to fuse itself to the patient’s jawbone. This allows the implant to be firmly embedded within the patient’s jawbone, similar to how natural teeth are fused.

The final part of the installation involves a replica tooth, which is either constructed from porcelain or plastic is then fixed in place and thus the patient’s teeth are fully restored in a manner which will allow them to tackle life with a full smile on their face.

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