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Hair loss has been on the rise in the young population. Modern life has its drawbacks, such as pollution, stress, and junk appetite.

Hair is affected the most as your body fights to do its best daily. Therefore, taking appropriate measures before you can never reverse your hair loss would be best.

There are multitudes of remedies and tips available. All you have to do is take the first step. For instance, peptides are pretty valuable for stimulating hair growth.

Therefore, always buy peptides from a reliable online source. Similarly, you should have a proper hair care routine that helps in relaxing your scalp.

5 Ways To Accelerate your Hair Growth

Make sure that you are not binging on junk food just for the sake of convenience. Your gut determines the health of your hair.

So let’s look at how you can increase your hair growth.

#1. Maintaining A Proper Diet

We all are guilty of overeating our favorite street food or ordering online, as it gets too tiring to cook after a hectic day at work.

To counter this, many fad diets in the market restrict your diet of some nutrients.

This only worsens the problem and makes it harder to deal with. For actual hair growth, you need vitamins and minerals in your food.

Include fruits and vegetables that contain zinc, Vitamin C, iron, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Talk to a nutritionist and chalk up a diet plan that is easy on your gut.

#2. Use Peptides for Healthy Hair

Peptides are molecules that are necessary for the functioning of the body. For example, because of their anti-aging properties, they are pretty effective in treating hair loss.

They Are known as mini proteins, made of amino acids, just like proteins. The only difference between peptides and proteins is the number of amino acids in each.

Protein is necessary for hair follicles to make more hair. As peptides are smaller, it transforms cells after application.

It promotes hair growth and improves hair color. Peptide therapy supports the natural production of hair to achieve positive results.

For balanced hair growth, you must consider using peptides.

#3. Scalp Massages

Women in ancient times flaunted beautiful hair without any intake of medicines. Instead, they vouched for regular scalp massages with various herbal oils.

A modern science study suggests that massaging your scalp consistently improves hair texture. After all, the scalp is where your hair grows and requires utmost attention.

In addition, scalp massages help decrease stress and blood flow to hair follicles.

You can do it in the comfort of your home with DIY natural oils. It is one of the simplest methods to achieve your desired hair without being heavy on your pocket.

#4. Go For PRP Treatment

Dermatology boards recognize Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy all over the world. Therefore, many dermatologists suggest PRP to their patients with hair loss for promising results.

Many studies conducted to determine PRP treatment’s efficacy show positive outcomes.

In PRP, a person’s platelet concentration is injected into the scalp to restore and stimulate hair growth.

Hair follicles that are asleep get activated from PRP injections on the scalp. In addition, platelets have protein and work as stem cells when injected back.

Usually, a visit every month is needed for the first three months. After that, once in 6 months for follow-ups.

#5. A Daily Hair Care Routine

No matter how many treatments or supplements you take, being crass about hair will stagnate your hair growth.

Many people depend on medications for hair loss issues, but they forget to teach a hair care routine in their life.

Maintaining a proper diet helps you manage your energy levels. Similarly, an appropriate routine for your mane will maintain its glow and growth.

Finally, invest in quality hair products according to your hair type. Some general advice includes rinsing hair with cold water, brushing gently with a wide-toothed wooden comb, and avoiding over-styling and washing your hair.

Final Words

Stimulating hair growth is one tough job. It would be best if you were consistent and patient about the process. One thing to specially take care of is your stress levels.

Try as many treatments as you want but being stressed will act counter-productively. So, in conclusion, follow these tips stress-free and see the magic happen!

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