Boost Compensation If Injured In Car Accident

These days accident happens almost every day in India and throughout the world. It is the most unwanted thing which happens to road users.

Most of the road users are aware of the rules which need to be followed while using roads but they sometimes don’t follow which causes accidents and crashes.

And the main cause of such type of accidents is Human only. These are common behavior which results in an accident.

  • Drunken driving
  • Avoiding seat belts and Helmets
  • Distractions of Driver
  • Avoiding red lights rule

No one thing about being in car accidents, but some of us faces the same things sooner or later. These accidents are caused by the other driver due to some faults.

And if you are stuck by the other driver car accidents then you can file a complaint about your damage and losses.

These are the basic things for which you can file the damage for your injury.

  • Pain and losses
  • Your pocket expenses
  • For medical bills

But for this, the insurance company will need the proof of your losses and damage, proof that this accident caused your injury. Also, the person can contact San Jose slip & fall lawyers related to this case.

But before this, we as human beings must need to help the injured person at the accident spot. So, these are the basic things one should do if someone is in pain or in danger.

#1. Go to that injured person and call 911

If a person is physically stable, then he/she can check the other passengers in their car and the owner of the other car for damage. And then call 911, even if the car is not badly damaged.

If the drivers beg to you to not call the police don’t listen to their words. Tell your location and landmarks of the accident spot to the police; tell them about the accident and the damage of the cars and the persons.

#2. Find medical treatment immediately

Because injures are obviously painful, so don’t make any excuse for help. And not make jokes. Fell the pain and call the emergency responder and ask them for help.

If the symptoms are mild then also tell them and if they ask to go to the hospital go with them and help them in their tough times.

#3. Evidence to support your claim

If the injures are mild then gather the evidence to support your claim. In most of the cases, driver ID is required to claim for the damage. Write down their full address. The contact information for an inhabitant of the other cars!

Make available the photos and videos of the accident spot if you have. If you have any cooperative witness, ask them to write the things which they saw on the spot.

#4. Start with the claim process

Send the notice to the insurance company about the incident. There are many important reasons to contact the insurance company even if it wasn’t your fault.

#5. Send the notice to the At-fault Driver’s insurance company

The insurance company will not allow you to call directly. On behalf of you, your advocate will handle all the communication with the insurance company.

#6. Be careful while giving the statement

Be careful while giving the statement because the insurance company will ask you many questions in different ways. Make sure that your statement didn’t unmatched with the previous statement.

#7. Organize all the paperwork

For every claim, the person needs to organize all the paperwork. Write down the whole story which happens on the spot of the accident.

And attach the record of your medical report, bills, and all and the police records. Keep phone calls record, a text message with yourself. And Keep one copy of that with yourself also.

#8. Beware of the idol of restrictions

If you have not complained about the incidents before the statue runs out to the insurance company then you will fail to pursue any claims for your injuries.

#9. Formal letter to the insurance company

Write down the formal letter to the insurance company and tell them what you want to write in the letter. And maintain the claims of your damage in the letter. Stay positive during the negotiations.


As an ideal citizen of the country one should help each other’s in the difficult times and not to lose their patience while cooperating with the insurance company. And one should keep faith and hope of the best.