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Who doesn’t love decorating their room and house, tell me? I love redecorating now and then. I think it makes my house and surrounding a little fresh and refreshing. Everyone needs a change in their daily routine and life. Everyone just adores and fantasies that they have ‘perfect’ looking rooms resembling those of lifestyles’ magazines.

Believe me, when I tell you I have cuttings of my favorite bedroom sets, wallpapers, and styles which I always see before doing a makeover of my room. What can I say, they are so amazing! Now with ‘Pinterest’ application in the social media, we all get so many various ideas and concepts about your living room.

Making your room look expensive and chic can be difficult especially when you are on a tight budget. But don’t worry folks, I have you covered! I will tell you all the ideas I have to make your room look luxurious and classy without spending a lot!

Add A Tray:

You heard me; just add a nice yet elegant tray to your nightstand or dresser top to give out a sophisticated look of the overall room. Believe me; it’s the easiest way ever.  I know what you guys may be thinking, aren’t trays a little expensive? Well, my suggestion is to buy any normal tray and make it elegant and pretty by golden, metallic, silver or any neon color spray.

This way you will have an expensive looking tray in your room, no one has to know about all that spraying now do they? One can also use this tray to assemble things like jewelry, makeup, perfumes or lotions which are usually scattered on the dresser.

Brighten Up Your Room

Can’t afford a decent wall ceiling? Don’t worry we have a perfect fit for you! First take the thought of putting a cheap ceiling in your room just to achieve your goal of a wall ceiling. Nothing is worse than a cheap ceiling! Instead, go for small yet classy chandeliers or any shape of a fixture. Not only they brighten up your room, but they also make it look sophisticated and chic.

One thing to keep in mind is that your light should not contradict with your furniture or your wallpaper. One can also use some lamps for a personal touch. You can even use Table covers, sheets and cushions of different colors to brighten up the look of your home interior. It is all up to you!

Add A Big Mirror

You can also add a mirror at the back of your sofa or covering one portion of your wall. Mirrors are an inexpensive way to add a spice to almost anything. They look classic, as well as they instantly elevate the atmosphere of your room.


Just like in every relationship your room needs a breathing space too. Clean out your room and throw away all the unnecessary stuff. This way you are creating more space for the ‘good’ and ‘chic’ stuff which weren’t getting the spotlight they deserved. It’s a myth that you put a lot of furniture in your room just to give out luxurious vibes.  Concentrate on your flooring too. Many people ignore it thinking that the furniture and decor are the only things that matter.

Crown It Up

Another thing you can do is add a crown mold to your room. It’s just that little extra effort that will make your room look great and classy. It is effortless and smart, still gives a very luxurious and high-end impact. If you have some amazing ideas to make your living room look more expensive without spending a lot of money! Then do comment below.

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blog at

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