Organise a Wedding

In organising events, weddings are one of the events that require the most preparation since many aspects must be balanced.

In addition, it is considered the big day, so nerves are on edge throughout the process and even more so on the event day.

So if you want to know how to organise a wedding step by step and what you should consider when preparing, keep reading.

How to organise a wedding

When a couple decides to get married and organises a wedding in style, they should remember that there are many aspects to take care of.

How to organise a wedding

You have to decide what style the link will have, list all the relatives, friends and acquaintances you will invite, think of original ideas for the event, etc.

Some couples organise theme or costume weddings, couples who decide to get married in natural or exotic settings, beaches and mountains, or couples who choose to organise weddings that last two to three days, such as gipsy weddings.

Despite everything, the most important thing is that both couple members enjoy the process and can celebrate this great day in style.

The steps to follow to organise a wedding are the following:

  • Deciding the date.
  • Define the budget.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation.
  • Choose the place for the ceremony and the subsequent celebration.
  • Consider hiring or not a wedding planner.
  • Choose the suppliers, catering, photographer and videographer.
  • Prepare the guest list.
  • Find a dress or suit for the wedding.
  • Choosing the decoration for the wedding.
  • Contact all the suppliers and agents involved in organising the wedding.

Wedding Planning

Next, Jalsa Lawn will explain how to organise a wedding step by step, from the moment the couple decides to get married until the event occurs, assuming they organise the wedding one year in advance.

Remember, there are many tasks to plan and organise, so sticking to the established time frames is convenient. If your idea is to have a wedding in style, your planning may require more than 12 months.

12 months before the wedding

Once the couple has decided to get married, they must:

  • Choose the event date, considering the year’s season and the day of the week.
  • Choose the type of wedding you want: vintage, country, modern, romantic, themed, and many more.
  • Calculate the number of guests and the approximate budget.
  • Find and book a restaurant, country house or a suitable location for the banquet.
  • Find and reserve a church in the case of religious weddings; or a court in the case of civil weddings.

9 months before the wedding

Once the couple chooses where and when to get married, they must get down to business!

  • Find a photographer and a videographer.
  • Organise catering, snacks and photocall.
  • Choose the decoration, the flowers and the lighting.
  • If the help of a wedding planner is required, it is advisable to request their services in advance, as there are professionals in the sector that are in high demand and plan their projects years in advance.
  • In case of getting married civilly, the couple should look for a wedding officiant.
  • Prepare a preliminary list of guests, and choose the bridesmaids, the pages and the ladies.
  • Begin your search for a wedding gown or suit.
  • Find out about various honeymoon destinations and request quotes.

6 months before the wedding

At this stage, it is convenient to start the marriage file. For a marriage to be legally valid, it must be registered.

In the case of civil marriage, it corresponds to the notary, judge, mayor or civil servant issuing the certificate with the couple’s signature and that of the wedding witnesses.

On the other hand, when celebrating a religious wedding, the couple has to take some pre-marriage rituals.

Other tasks that must be planned at this point are the following:

  • Find and hire music for the wedding, the banquet and the dance.
  • Order the invitations and send them.
  • Order the details for the guests.
  • Choose the stationery for invitations, minutes with the menu, missals for the ceremony, thank you cards, wedding program, etc.
  • Book the trip for the honeymoon.
  • Choosing, definitely, the wedding dress or suit.

4 months before the wedding

  • Consider reserving transportation and lodging for guests from other towns and cities.
  • Buy the rest of the accessories for the bride: shoes, a headdress or veil, earrings, necklaces, etc.
  • Choose a hairdresser and beauty centre where you can carry out the aesthetic treatments before the wedding and make up for the big day.

3-2 months before the wedding

  • Organise the bachelor party.
  • Choose the alliances and buy them. Some couples also create wedding bands, so the ring’s symbolism is even greater.
  • Choosing the bouquet for the bride.
  • Reserve the flowers for the wedding.
  • Prepare the choreography for the dance of the bride and groom.
  • Do hair and makeup tests.
  • Try and choose the wedding menu.

1 month before the wedding

The month before the wedding celebration is when there are more nerves on the part of the couple and all the agents involved in organising the event.

During the 4 weeks before the big day, you must finalise details, pending close agreements, and start preparing the groom and the bride. Remains pending:

  • Confirm the guests’ attendance, the honeymoon reservation and the agreement with the various providers.
  • Start facial and body beauty treatments.
  • Pick up the wedding dress or suit and the groom’s suit.
  • Rehearse the ceremony and dance. It is recommended to start rehearsing between 10 and 15 days before the wedding in the place where the link will be held.
  • Celebrate the bachelor party or the pre-wedding dinner, a custom that is becoming a tradition. The friends organise an intimate dinner for the groom or bride the night before the link.

When the big day arrives, keep calm, breathe, and enjoy the wedding in style!