How To Reach Silvassa: Silvassa Travel Guide

Silvassa Travel Guide

Silvassa is among the handful of popular tourist destinations, which are a perfect mix of cultures, and home to magnificent tourist spots, interesting people, warm hospitality. Simply use the help of How to reach Silvassa guide; reach the city; and experience all. If you seeking for spending your holiday in other than the usual holiday destinations then Silvassa is a good option to consider.

It is a bit offbeat holiday destination. Offbeat in the sense that, unlike the other popular holiday destinations, like Shimla, Pune, Manali, Srinagar, Delhi, and Mumbai etc., this city is a mixture of different cultures, especially the foreign cultures. The city has been hugely impacted by the Portuguese culture, and the remnants it can be easily seen in different parts of the city and in the locals, lifestyle, and culture of the city. In fact, the Portuguese played a vital role in developing the city and its culture.

Apart from a rich Indo-Portuguese culture, the city is also rich with wildlife and several interesting tourist spots. Some of the important tourist spots in the city include: Island Garden, Hirwa Van Gardens, Lion Safari Wildlife Park, Silvassa Museum, Tribal Museum, Madhuban Dam, Balaji Temple, Ayyappa Temple, and Ban Ganga Lake.

Other than these, the city is also known for its hearty hospitality. It now houses countless number of good hotels, ranging from the cheap hotels to uber-luxurious 5 Star hotels. In addition to that the city is also home to multiple fantastic restaurants, bar, and night clubs.

Connectivity with Bhilad and Vapi

Travellers who haven’t been to the city once, may feel the problem of how to reach Silvassa huge. However, it is not that difficult. The city is well-connected with the neighbouring cities like Bhilad and Vapi. There are several fanatic roads connecting Silvassa and other major cities. Besides, the city is 180 km from the Mumbai. There are several regular private and state owned buses between Silvassa and its neighboring cities. Other than that, the nearest railway station to the city is located in Karambeli (12 km away), Bhilad (12 km away), and Vapi (17 km away).

There are several regular as well as express trains to these railway stations, making it convenient for the visitors to choose the route that best suits them. Furthermore, flights are perhaps the ideal options to reach the city in the cases when the distance between your city and Silvassa is huge. If you are boarding from New Delhi then the distance between the two cities is about 1021 km.

SpiceJet airlines is the air-carrier that offers cheapest and direct flight to Mumbai, and from there you can board cabs to Silvassa. In addition, the other air carriers offering their flights include: IndiGo, Go Air, Kingfisher, and Indian Airlines etc. Bangalore is located at a distance of about 946 km from the city and there are several direct Bangalore to Silvassa flights. Go Air is the air carrier offering the cheapest flights between the two cities.

Kolkata is farthest major metro city from Silvassa

The distance between the two is about 1608 km. There are no direct flights between the two. However, the good thing is there are several air-carriers offering their flights for the journey. Go Air and IndiGo are the two airlines offering cheapest air-fare.

Concluding all, Silvassa is a Beautiful City to spend your holiday. Simply head to the city in your upcoming vacation and experience the history, art, culture, and hospitality of the city.

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