Industrial Steam Cleaners

Industrial Steam cleaners are getting very popular to ensure hygiene in an industrial setup, but there are a few things that you need to know to make the best use of them.

Amidst the enhanced emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, steam cleaners are getting more popular than ever.

It can work wonders not only for the cleanliness of your home and the household items but also for the cleanliness of your industrial surfaces and machinery.

They are more environmentally friendly and can sanitize any space with the use of water and heat.

They also don’t require any cleaning detergents or chemicals, keeping you protected from the potential side effects of such disinfectants.

While using an industrial steam cleaner is pretty straightforward, learning how it works and utilizing it best can make you more efficient.

So, let’s read about the professional ways to use an industrial steam cleaner, like the ones made by Rea SRL, from below.

How Does a Steam Cleaner Work?

As you can imagine by its self-descriptive name, steam cleaners use any ordinary tap waters as a deep-cleaning tool by turning them into steam vapors.

In addition to heat, they also utilize pressure to create vapors that loosen the dirt on surfaces and kill bacteria, allergens, bugs, and so on.

With the capacity to reach heat as much as 245 °F, some Rea SRL steam cleaners can also provide you protection against flu viruses.

In general, they come with a vaporizer tank attached to a nozzle, scrubbing brush, etc. You have to put enough water in the tank, wait for the steam, and start cleaning.

Can Everything Be Steam Cleaned?

Thanks to the availability of a great variety of steam cleaners and accessories, theoretically, you can steam clean anything from damp clothes, furniture, toys, machinery, floors, and surfaces, etc.

However, depending on the type of materials you are cleaning, you have to be careful about using the appropriate cleaner and heat level.

To clarify, any porous surfaces such as bricks and marbles are damaged under heightened temperatures. At the same time, water-based paints may get dissolved when in close contact with steam.

Delicate fabrics and materials such as silk and plastics also struggle to withstand excessive amounts of heat. These can be cleaned with steams but just need the right combination of accessory and steam temperature.

How to Use Steam Cleaners Safely?

Like any other appliance, steam cleaners need to be used by following a few basic safety precautions.

It includes thoroughly reading the user manuals for each specific steam cleaner, warming it up before use, keeping a safe distance from the scorching hot steam flow, etc.

It is also best to wear appropriate gloves, goggles, and heatproof clothes to minimize the risk of accidental exposure to steam. If you get exposed to moisture, make sure to run cold water in the affected area right away.

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