How To Wear A Wig

With the present quality designed wigs, styling your hair has never been more straightforward! Do whatever it takes not to worry, if you don’t have a real human hair wig. There are just a few hints and tips to keep your synthetic wig looking marvelous. Here are 5 wig styling tips that will make your hair look amazing:

Wig Spray

Make sure you use hair spray keeping it 12 inches away from your wig while styling. Spraying the wig with the shower compartment and using your fingers to style can restore limp strands or smooth frizz without washing the entire wig while moreover removing power delivered by means of grinding. Most short wigs are definitely not hard to control using just your fingertips, and longer wigs can be smoothed down with the hands and the completions can be managed with fingertips as well.

How To Style a Wig

Never Brush a Wet Wig

When brushing your dry wig, constantly use a brush or brush especially expected to use with wigs, as standard brushes made for normal hair can pull on and hurt the wig fibers. Use short strokes on wigs with waves or free turns, as to not pull the bend out of the strand. For smooth styles, use long strokes with light weight. Use a pick brush to softly style twist turns to diminish frizz and smoothen it.

Use Specific Wig Care Products and Refrain from Heat

Simply use styling and washing things proposed for use with wigs. Never use things planned for human hair. A wig sprinkle or wig mousse is a marvelous instrument for holding your style. Work mousse through dry, smooth styles and daintily brush for fragile hold. For wavy styles, apply mousse to hands and delicately scrunch the style.

Do whatever it takes not to use warmed styling gadgets with wigs that are not especially set apart as “warm neighborly” or 100% human hair. Warmth will hurt designed fibers and can melt or devour them, obliterating the wig.

Cut Your Wig

Really, you can cut your wig. Adjust your look by having a specialist beautician with wig cutting learning trim and shape your wig. Make a point to get the beautician to cut the wig while you are wearing it for a look that is hand crafted to your particular face shape.

Tips To Wear A Wig

Styling Bangs and Accessorizing

Styling bangs on your wig requires a touch of cunning. When you put your wig on, position it imperceptibly underneath the basic hairline if bangs will be worn generally pushed back off of the face. To get volume in the bangs, brush them from the underside with an upward stroke and let the bangs turn out to be nicer.

Enhance the look of your wig by including scarves or headbands top. Using an accessory incorporate shading and sparkle around the face, and furthermore make an extra feeling that all is well with the world.

Hope you liked this article. If you have more interesting wig styling ideas, do comment in comments section.

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She writes about health and fitness regularly. Read her latest post on Best Combs for Wigs.

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