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Plain, monochromatic shoppers are very stylish, but they can seem boring, if you use them on every occasion. From time to time everyone likes to experiment with their looks, so why not do the same thing with your bag? You do not have to be an artist to decorate your bag. In this article we will give you a few simple ideas on how to change the look of your bag, using easy to find tools and adornments.

Transform your bag with a scarf

Adding a scarf to a handbag is very easy, but it can completely change the look of your bag, making it more chic and sophisticated. First of all, choose a scarf in the right color. If your bag is monochromatic, pick a contrasting color for a striking effect. You can also choose a scarf with a pattern.

Think about the style of your bag and what would suit it better: an animal, floral or plaid print? If your bag is patterned, choose a scarf in one of the colors featured on your bag. Wrap the scarf around handles or use it to tie the handles together.

Decorate your bag with brooches and badges

Another easy way to have a unique bag is to pin a decorative brooch or a badge to the front of the bag. A sparkly brooch with jewels will make your bag more chic, while a collection of pins is a great expression of your personality and sense of humor.

You should remember about one thing, though. Pins can leave small marks on your bag, especially on leather or polyurethane material. If your bag is new and in good shape, pin brooches and badges carefully, trying not to damage the material. If your bag is old and worn out, you can use the decorations to cover the imperfections.

Swap straps for new ones

A fantastic idea for a makeover of your handmade purse, is to swap the leather strap for a chain. If the strap is detachable, adding a new strap is very simple. You should have no problem with finding a chain strap online.

Since chains are not adjustable as leather straps, look for a chain strap long enough to carry your bag in your favorite way: over the shoulder or across body. In a similar way you can swap the chain for a leather strap. Make sure that the new strap has a similar color to the color of your handbag or choose a contrasting shade.

Refresh the color of your bag

If your bag is damaged or it has lost its original color and shine, it is time for some repainting! Use only leather dyes in a similar shade. If you want to refresh the entire surface of your bag, the easiest way to get an even cover is to spray the paint.

If you want to cover only mild discolorations, apply the dye with a sponge. You can also change the color of your bag to a new one. Metallic shades are particularly popular this season, so you might use them to transform your outdated bag into a modern purse.

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