Importance of Alt Tag and Title Texts

People using Raven software want to know the difference between the title text and alt tags. For those using the WordPress, image upload modules provide spaces for Captions, Titles, Descriptions and Alt Text.

You may or may not use the same keywords for the image title and its alt text; ideally, you should include relevant keyword phrases or can leave the title blank.

In the course of this article, Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt is going to acquaint you with the various benefits of adding alt and title text in images.

Importance of Alt Tag and Title Texts

Use alt tags

Not including the alt tags is one of the most common SEO mistakes. You should not forget that the search engine crawlers and robots cannot identify the images without any text.

Plus, you miss the opportunities of optimizing your content and pictures. Not labeling the pictures is a bad user experience for anyone who has disabled the images in his or her browser.

Also, it is not good for people with cognitive and visual disabilities. According to the World Wide Web Consortium, the alt tags are an alternative to text and people with visual disabilities can benefit from them.

The user agent, Googlebot, is unable to see the pictures directly, so it determines the nature of your pictures with alt tags. Moreover, the alt text helps the visually impaired navigate the websites easily.

For a disabled person, the alt text will be read by the screen reader.

Use Title Tags

The alt attributes are for the search engine crawlers, while the title tags are for human readers.

So, you can write the title text and title tag as a call to action to prompt the readers to act. The same text can be used to drive more and more traffic from your social media profiles.

Can I Copy the Alt and Title Text?

If you have lots of pages with multiple images, you can use different keywords and phrases instead of the main alt and title texts. But you should not forget that keyword stuffing is bad and should be avoided at any cost.

Instead, you should provide some details about the images and include the primary keyword. Try using different keywords and phrases both for the title and alt tags.

Ideally, the image titles should follow the same rule of the regular post titles or article headlines they should be concise, impressive and relevant.

Can I Use the Alt and Title Text in a Website Audit?

If you are using Raven’s Site Auditor, your Summary page will show different error messages. Many errors are the result of blank and duplicate title attributes on the pictures.

Raven always flags such pictures to alert the users and provide them insights of the problem. If your site has hundreds to thousands of page, you cannot make the changes yourself and will need to hire an SEO.

Alternatively, you should exclude the alt and title texts from the site’s Auditor report. Moving on, you should include the keywords in the image filenames and should not use the same title and alt attributes.

Plus, you should pay attention to the quality of your images and keep their size to the minimum.

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