E-commerce Conversions

Unless you are too kind-hearted or are running an organisation only for your personal satisfaction, you need money to sustain any business. There are several peripheral goals that a business needs to achieve, but the primary goal will always be to make profit. You can only make profit if you have frequent and fruitful conversions. But just how do you do that?

What Do You Mean By Conversions?
Conversion is the activity of a prospect turning into a buyer. When you are out there in the market promoting your product, there are several prospects that you target. Out of them, there is a bunch that takes your product seriously and out of that group, there will be a number of individuals who get to the final buying stage – which is of course, making the purchase. This is what conversion means in business terms. No matter how famous you are in the market and how much effort you put into letting people know about your brand, you will only be able to record a conversion once your CTA is followed through, whether that’s on a purchase, a subscription to your newsletter, a follow on your blog etc.

Conversions And E-commerce
Consider yourself as a website that sells branded clothes. You are bored on a Sunday afternoon and you stumble onto a website that seems to have a good collection of garments. You visit the site and check out the various options available. Now, there are two possible outcomes of this action. You may either be impressed by the products and make the purchase, or you may bounce off to another site. Making sure that you choose the former option is what digital conversion marketing is all about!

When it comes to e-commerce, the meaning of conversion gets digitalised. When you have an e-commerce site, there may be thousands of people visiting your site and checking out its content. However, the conversion would only take place if the same visitors follow through with the action of which you intend them to. As e-commerce and digital marketing have evolved drastically in recent years, a new branch, known as conversion marketing has come into play. Here, the ultimate goal of the marketer is to convert the visitors into paying leads.

There are several tactics used by businesses to encourage the visitors to make online purchases. Firms also hire specialised agencies for their e-commerce fulfilment activities, giving a boost to their venture.

If you are new to the e-commerce sector or if you need to increase the rate of conversion for your website, here are some of the most useful tactics that you must incorporate in order to make more people buy your products as they visit your site:

Build A Convincing Value Proposition
As the name suggests, value proposition is letting your customers know what you have in store for them. The first thing that the visitors would think after reaching your site is what they would get out of a transaction made with you. When you build value proposition, you don’t try to reel them in through catchy phrases and one-liners like “we rule the market!” and “we have satisfied a thousand customers without a single complaint!”

This is the ‘me’ attitude that most of the organisations adopt. Value proposition is the ‘you’ attitude. Here, you inform your visitors about the value they are supposed to get in exchange for money. Your product may provide a monetary value if you are pricing it at a lower price. It may provide a lasting value if your product is sturdy. Once your visitors are convinced about the value you are ready to provide them along with your products, they would hardly think twice before purchasing them.

Have The Most Exciting Offers To Reel Them In!
This is nothing but a digitalised form of sales promotion. If you want your conversions to increase, reel the visitors in by giving them exciting offers on purchases. Offer them a decent seasonal discount. Give them a lucky draw coupon and gift the winner an exciting price. Issue memberships can be teamed up with additional benefits. Have the famous ‘Buy 1 Get 1 free’ regime. All you need to do is be an online supermarket! These offers would not only persuade the visitors to buy the products they need, but may also tempt them to buy products that they had no intention of buying in the first place! This is how you can convert prospects by making an offer they can’t refuse!

Have Enough Testimonials And Social Proofs
This is all about getting your visitors to trust you. If a random surfer happens to stumble upon your site, they would have no idea about the authenticity and reliability of your organisation.

You therefore need to have ample testimonials and social proofs to make them believe that you offer what you claim. You can have the following elements added to your site to instil total confidence in your visitors:

  • Links to the third-party sites reviewing you
  • Reviews by your customers and the ratings they give your products
  • Awards that you have won in the past (with a link to the awards’ site if possible)
  • Trade associations that your organisation belongs to
  • Name of the media outlets that interviewed you (with a link to the interview)

This is everything you need to add to your site and your visitors will not only trust you, but also be massively impressed by your calibre, meaning they will return to your product or services time and time again.