Interior Decor Tips

Interior designing is an important part of any building whether it is residential or commercial. However, it is said that walls are the most underutilized aspect in the interior designing part. Even if you may disagree with that but you can’t deny that ceilings are the exposed, underutilized and often overlooked part of the whole interior designing part. Adding design element to the ceiling plane will give a significant impact on the overall ambiance of a space.

It creates a feel of openness, seclusion, intimacy and more energy. Interior designing is not just about a particular space but it’s the overall design that creates a difference.Commercial tiling in Melbourne plays a significant part in interior designing work in commercial buildings. Some designs are done with a whole new tile format with surface treatment. It also increases the property value, and can be considered as an excellent investment in addition to aesthetic appeal.

How to Choose a Design for your Commercial Building

In a commercial establishment, it is better to avoid a theme without being too personal. The design undoubtedly should be attractive and suits with the overall décor. Another reason is to make your tiles less personal that it won’t be difficult to sell a commercial building when you decide to move up or scale down in future.

For a designing option for your roof, the most feasible and popular are thermoplastic panels. These are panels that are fabricated by laminating decorative foils to a plastic substrate. These panels are not heavy metal but mimic the feel of metals. These are available in various encompassing colours such as bronze, gold, and copper finishes.

Luminous tiles are also popular to create attractive ceiling designs. These tiles are translucent rather than opaque, and allow even light distribution through the space. Luminous ceiling helps to minimize the stress on eyes and create openness. You can find this type of tiling in restaurants, bars, lobby areas, spas and salons.

In case of floor tiles, you need to careful about durability and safety. Many decorative floor tiling in Melbourne are impact resistance, scratch and chemical resistance. You also need to look after whether these are abrasion resistance and resist against water damage and mould. Regardless of type of tiles specification, these products must be flame retardant and safe to use. You need to look for ASTM E84-06 standard for surface burning features. All tiles must pass code and considered safe for commercial applications.

Check the acoustic property of tiles while buying your choice for commercial building. These days open office plan has becoming popular, so noise cancellation is the big factor in the design of corporate interiors. Although many tiles do not have intrinsic acoustical characteristic, but many tiles are fitted directly over current gypsum ceiling systems to absorb sound and increase insulation properties.

Interior Designing Trends

Many designers are specific about the colours of the tiles. Two colours – dark navy as a counterpoint to white marble is a growing trend in luxury projects. The colour is itself versatile and plays well in various interior designs. The colour is also well-matched with other colours such as pink, grey, coral and sage.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is prevalently used in the offices, stores and homes. Ceramic tile is available in two forms: glazed and unglazed. Unglazed tiles look like quarry tile. These are made of clay and heated; this gives this quarry type design. The glaze is added after the firing process is done, giving the colour of the tile. Glazing tiles are available in various colour combinations. Quarry or unglazed ceramic tiles are inexpensive, durable and prevalently used as commercial flooring tiling in Melbourne. Quarry tile is used in various industrial settings because it is robust and hard to break. The tiles are scratch resistant and less prone to chipping.

Tile Mosaics

Tile mosaics give a creative edge to the designing. It is expensive and mostly used in small areas such bathroom o kitchen back splash. It comes in small sizes usually six square inches and made of porcelain or clay. These are considered the most versatile because it comes in various sizes including squares, octagon, hexagons and others.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are classic and impart a luxurious feeling. Marble is a natural stone, so it has its own natural variants and uniqueness.

Chris Courtney is an interior designer working for last 15 years for commercial tiling in Melbourne. He has been doing private consultancy for clients and also written number of articles on floor tiling in Melbourne.