decorative candle

For a classic decoration, no one can take the place of candles and lanterns. Nowadays, one can get various types of stunning decorative candles in myriads of shapes to illuminate your interiors.

One can shop these candles from e-commerce sites like and Flipkart easily.

In modern households, apart from illumination, these candles are in use mainly for aesthetic purpose. Some of the decorative candles that are popular on e-commerce sites are as follows.

Tvish Candles Valentine Gift Set – Set of Two Little Hearts Candle

Available in a pack of two i.e. one white and one wine red colored, these candles are not only pretty, but ideal to gift your loved one. Modest in its price i.e. below 300 INR on Flipkart, the candles are suitable to light up a dull space during birthdays, wedding anniversaries, parties, etc. Hand-carved, these unscented candles are very much in demand.

Indian Reverie Rose Scented Tea Lights Candle (Red, Pack of 6)

If you love to light candles and worry about the dripping wax, these decorative candles in round shaped containers are cute and suitable at best for your home. The candle emits a sweet rose fragrance and gives away a soft light that you will surely adore. With a pack of six such decorative candles in red color at 249 NR only over Flipkart, this is a must have for your bedroom to make it all the more romantic and inviting.

Scented Candles (Lavender) Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candle – 8oz – Hand Made in the USA

Available at 724.49 INR, the handmade candles are eye-catching and are perfect to place anywhere within your home or lawn to soak you in the sweet fragrance of Lavender. The product is extremely eco-friendly as it is made up of Soy Wax. Place these candles in your room and you will surely enjoy a relaxed sleep or can indulge you into a deep meditation. It can be easily ordered from

Instapark® LCL Series Battery-powered Flameless LED Tealight Candles (2-Dozen Pack)

It is not mandatory for decorative candles to glow naturally only as there are now battery powered candles that imitate the wax candles with flickering flame and look absolutely brilliant. These decorative candles can burn for really long hours (100 hours) and emit no carbon at all. In each pack, there are 12 candles, and are thus, ideal for restaurants, parties, weddings, etc. to create a dreamlike atmosphere. You can shop these easily from at a price tag of approximately 2,500 INR.

Some of the other notable decorative candles that you will like to have in your home are Bluecorn Naturals with 100% pure raw beeswax available in a pack of six and Radiant Flameless LED candles with remote control. Both of these can be purchased from

Thus, there is no dearth of decorative candles whether of wax or of battery power to illuminate your interiors and to create a decor that will be surely loved by all your guests and loved ones. Just remember to arrange these candles in a good arrangement to make them look eye-catching.