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If you have always thought of Becoming a model and you keep googling Images for Inspiration or perhaps to get the photo shoot done for yourself, these pictures definitely might help you.

India’s leading male model Karan Oberoi who has awestruck the world with his amazing sense of style and fitness which doesn’t limit to 6 pack abs is today’s star model.

Karan Oberoi also known as KO is one of finest male model ever produced by India in last one decade. Having just muscles? Just stylish? Is one common thing has always existed in one model or another.

But this handsome male model is complete package of style and fitness. Sensational to look at, superb dressing sense, perfect torso, Body, what else we can say.

What all you need to do is just Scroll down this web page to understand what I am exactly trying to convey over here.

Besides sharing some of the hottest pictures of this model, I am also sharing some fitness and style tips that I found of Karan Oberoi model while googling about him that shall definitely somewhere going to help you in your day to day life to groom your styling and have body like him:

Leading male model Karan Oberoi Fitness mantra:

  • According to Karan Oberoi model any one can have 6 pack abs in fact the truth is every one already has abs, its just that they are not visible. Karan also mentioned in one his interviews he was not fit once because he had met with an accident and couldn’t go to gym.
  • KO suddenly got the shoot where it was imperative to show his 6 pack abs, he made a quick schedule of 15 days to get those shredded 6 pack abs and started eating small protein rich meals and declined salt and carbs intake. Therefore to have abs like him one should eat small meals 6 to 8 everyday and should never eat heavy meals if wish to get 6 pack abs.
  • Karan Oberoi model emphasizes on keeping the diet balanced throughout the year and living drug free, smoking free and alcohol free lifestyle. So if you are planning to become a model keep it simple that is living a balanced lifestyle by not overdoing rather keeping shorter goals towards fitness and putting little efforts towards physical and eating goals.
  • Karan also emphasizes on enjoying the process, so it’s important that you keep your cheat days on once in a week and living rest of the week full in discipline.

Leading male model Karan Oberoi style tips:

  • Give away anything you haven’t worn in over a year and keep changing the way you dress so that people never get bored of you the way you look.
  • Keeping changing the colors of your clothes because colors bring positive energy and makes someone look very charming and attractive.
  • Always remember there are more shoe colors than brown and black. Therefore wear all colors, we live in a world today where shoes of every color are being appreciated and it’s not nineties anymore where wearing a yellow color shoe shall be a joke.
  • Understand contrast and rock the way you present yourself to the world.
  • Put some product in your hair like wet gel to give clean and neat look.
  • Never iron your t-shirts, the rawer they look better they are.

Top 10 Most liked Pictures of Karan “KO” Oberoi on Instagram

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