Responsibilities of Landscape Architects

The landscape architect is still a new job title and many people have no idea what are the actual responsibilities of such a professional. This job combines a lot of skills, from the creativity of an artist to the solid thinking and planning of an engineer. And there is more than meets the eye!

What’s in the job description?

A landscape architect is going to mix a lot of skills to conduct Landscape Visual Impact Assessment.

In other words, this is the person who analyzes the environment from the functional, visual and engineering point of view, in order to decide where can be built. The job of such a professional is often misunderstood, as the landscape architect works with the architects and urban planners, being perceived as a simple architect.

Environment meets architecture

To a certain degree, one might say a landscape architect is an architect who puts the environment first; Landscape Visual Impact Assessment is pretty much analyzing how to build without ruining the environment. Another task of the landscape architect is to restore the natural biome by planting indigenous plants in an area. All in one, this job requires extensive biology and ecology knowledge, as well as architecture knowledge.

The technical side of the job

A landscape architect also needs strong technical skills, as he needs to conduct a lot of non-creative chores. After Landscape Visual Impact Assessment the professional needs to plan the entire development and conduct the actual project, controlling the budget and the workers. He is the person who picks the materials and ensures the plans are being followed to the letter.

If you need someone to blend a modern building into the landscape, without damaging the nature and without making the new building stand out unpleasant, you need the services of a landscape architect.

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