small living room design ideas

Fresh colours used to decorate living room are the prominent trend in 2017. One or two colours to decorate the living room and a blend of a couple of colours are the new trend. Modern living room in classic style means light braided furniture, dark walls and an in art deco design.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

small living room design ideas

With flourishing real estate industry around, there is no dearth of interior design companies or interior designers in Bangalore who can provide you living room ideas for your home.

Living room ideas 2017: minimalist living room

A pleasant and beautiful home environment can be created following the basic criteria of the minimalist living room. Simple living room designs are becoming increasingly popular. The minimalist style makes living room look more elegant devoid of many furniture and accessories. It is very close to the Scandinavian style but more concise and rigorous.

For decorating a modern living room on this pattern you will need a sofa and chair, closet or dresser and some pictures. All the furniture should be in square shapes and simple lines. Walls should follow the same pattern devoid of decorations. Colour may vary but the underlying tone must be simple without any odd colour schemes.

Living room designs 2017։ Bright ideas

This design embraces elements of art deco design in contemporary living room style. Another option is using minimalist style as the basic interior, supplemented by finishing materials of high-tech with metallic shades and glossy surfaces. One more option is a rustic style that combines the simplicity and functionality, the bright colours (blue, shades of red, green and yellow) and decoration of other styles: collages and photographs in retro style, high-tech technologies and ethnic life items.

Simple Living Room Designs Trends in 2017


According to interior designer, green is once again in demand. From lime green to emerald, the shade is in vogue whether it is a wall colour or a room-filling rug.

Tropical Prints

Interior designers are experimenting with tropical prints in wallpaper and designer fabrics this year.


Weaving texture into an interior makes it more charming and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise in 2017. More and more texture in all form, from light fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers to brushed brass tables will be in vogue.

Marble and Brass Combinations

Marble and brass trend is likely to be visible in both kitchens and baths. Its deadly combination of neutrality and clean and glamorous brass adds beauty to the room.

Muted Colours

Whites, pale greys, beiges, camel and blush pink will be trending in 2017.


Modernised version of inventive geometrics that speaks to ancient cultures, whether it is Asian patterns or African will be popular.

Quirky Lighting

A dining room is a great space to do something unusual and a quirky lighting fixture looks great in it.

Artisan-Crafted Furniture

According to interior designers antique or uniquely crafted furniture will be popular in 2017


Gray complements a full spectrum of shades from mellow ivory to bold red.  Gray was popular in 2016 interiors and will continue to rule in 2017. Different shades of grey, white and grey, and grey in deeper colours will be used.

According to interior designers in Bangalore, classic bronze metal that warms up any space will be greatly favoured as it complements a myriad of decorating styles. Bronze made lighting and accessories, whether it is lamps, vases, or decorative bowls for the kitchen will be in great demand.