travel 2018

Almost half the year has flown by, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have destinations picked out for your 2018 stag do. Some of you have got it all figured out, but most of you could perhaps do with a helping hand.

This post will point you in the direction of destinations that are all the rage this year. We have handpicked locations that you probably wouldn’t have considered, but trust us when we say, you and the lads are going to have one hell of a time!

So without further ado, here are out top alternative picks…

While Riga might not be as famous as its other Eastern European counterparts for stag dos, it has perhaps the widest array of choices of things to do than all of them. It does all of this without burning a hole in your pocket just like any good Eastern European city should.

Planning for a stag weekend here can be done all round the year because it is that great. Riga is at the crossroads of the Nordics and Eastern Europe which means a white Christmas is guaranteed. Don’t worry… the cold snap wouldn’t put a damper on your stag weekend. The city hosts many winter-based activities that includes snowmobiles and bobsleigh. In summer you have all the usual summer favourites like quad biking, paintballing and go-karting.

However, what made us include Riga on our list is perhaps the experience of spending the night as an inmate in a place that was previously a KGB prison complete with forbidding conditions. Of course it’s not everybody’s idea of fun but it sure does make for a memorable weekend!

Whatever you need or expect out of your stag weekend, Riga can surely accommodate it all.

While it might not require for you to get on a plane, Snowdonia still remains to be a place that’s far away for most and it has several exciting things and activities to indulge in. It is the one place in the UK for people with an adventurous streak and innate love for the outdoors, making it simply perfect for stag dos. We guarantee that you will be taken aback with the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Well known for its mountainous terrains, the national park here in true sense morphs itself in a playground for stag parties.

If you aren’t intimidated with the extremities of heights or the steep depths then Snowdonia has got you covered. You and the lads can go zip lining where you can see yourself soar over the land with only a wire to stop you from falling. It is perhaps the safest way for you to experience flying. If you prefer the dark over the open skies, then you can experience the same activity underground.

Bounce Below is perhaps one of the quirkiest activities that Snowdonia boasts of. It involves a series of strategically placed trampolines built into caves that are lit up all over. It truly counts as an experience that’s one of its kind.

Just like any other holiday, there’s no denying that some stag parties ask for a bit of sun and sand. Enter Albufeira – a town that is situated on the southern tip of the Portugal and yes… it’s got the sun beating down on you! Portugal is satisfying as it is cost effective without compromising on the fun factor. So while a trip to Spain will demand dishing out exorbitant amounts, it is nice to know that you have a rather perfect alternative that won’t cost you as much that too without the hassle of any extra travel.

The stag weekend at Albufeira becomes truly amazing when you get to see the relationship that this scenic town shares with the beach and the sea. For instance, you can rent a boat and hit the waters with your stags and party like millionaires for a good part of the afternoon. If adrenaline rush is what you seek, then wake boarding is what you need to sign up for. You will be hauled across by a speedboat reaching to alarming speeds in a blink of an eye. Oh did we mention that you will have to fend off the boat’s backwash while being dragged? Good wake up call, isn’t it?

With every passing year, Albufeira has garnered popularity as the most preferred stag escape and this 2018 will be no different either.

So pack your bags, book the tickets and prepare yourself for a stag do of a lifetime at any of these top locations!