15 Lunar New Year Gifts Ideas to Embrace Your Inner Dragon

With our carefully chosen gifts for the Lunar New Year, you can let out your inner dragon! Find unique ways to party in style.

Lunar New Year Gifts Ideas

Bring the spirit of the dragon into the Lunar New Year with gifts that make you roar. Look through our collection to find the best gift ideas that will stick with you.

Now we are in the Year of the Dragon. In Asian society, Lunar New Year is one of the most popular holidays. It marks the start of spring and the start of a new year. Spread happiness, make luck come your way, and spend time with family and friends. And what’s a party without presents?

The best Lunar New Year gift is one that honors the dragon’s power, strength, and resiliency, like a dragon bracelet, dragon pendant, or dragon bag. This will bring many blessings. On Lunar New Year, people often give each other red envelopes with small riches inside.

But why not treat yourself to gifts that are a little fancier and more stylish?

Some brands, like Prada, Fossil, and Ming Yu Wang, made Lunar New Year packages and collaborations that honor the culture’s deep reds and bright golds, as well as the dragon, which is this year’s Chinese zodiac sign. In honor of the Year of the Dragon, we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest things you can give someone.

15 Best Lunar New Year Gifts Ideas

You can find Lunar New Year gifts Ideas here that bring out the strength and power of the dragon that lives inside you. Our carefully chosen selection will make your parties even better.

Swarovski Dragon and Phoenix Pendant

Put this Swarovski dragon claw charm on your neck to bring you luck and strength. It has a rose-gold-toned design and a strong dragon’s claw holding a lucky coin with clear crystals and a sparkling Swarovski zirconia on top of it.

If you buy something from the Year of the Dragon line, you’ll get a traditional red envelope set, which stands for strength and wealth.

Polo Ralph Lauren Lunar New Year Bear Ball Cap

Ralph Lauren’s twill ball cap was made just for the Lunar New Year. It features the brand’s famous Polo Bear wearing a red velvet jacket and holding three packages, each with a golden dragon on it, to represent wealth and health in 2024.

Louis Vuitton Vivienne Dragon Pendant

In the Vivienne Dragon Pendant, the House’s famous mascot brings to life the magic of Chinese astrological lore. With diamonds and fiery red monogram flower leaves all around it, this cheeky pendant is a hit. It has a chain that can be taken off, so you can wear it as a bold charm or as a great conversation starter.

Victoria’s Secret Year of the Dragon Fragrance Mist

Peony amber, rose lychee, and neroli bergamot are some of the beautiful notes that will help you enter the Lunar New Year. The limited-edition Year of the Dragon fragrance mists from Victoria’s Secret are the best way to welcome the new year with a floral scent. Get the brand’s fragrance lotions that go with it too.

Fossil Tillie Red Leather Watch

Celebrate the Lunar New Year by being as strong as a dragon. The case and chain of this Everett dragon watch are made of gold-tone stainless steel, and the dial is red. It also has a three-dimensional dragon pattern that is very detailed and has an aged look to it.

Burberry Rose Bucket Hat

Burberry’s Lunar New Year capsule combines basic wardrobe staples with bright red colors that stand for luck and wealth. The hounds tooth check and the brand’s famous rose print are like this Burberry bucket hat—they make you feel like a new beginning.

Maison Miru Jade and White Topaz Nap Earrings

In China, jade is thought to be one of the best stones because it represents good luck and safety. The jade and white topaz earrings from Maison Miru are a beautiful gift that will keep away evil and bad luck. These earrings are safe and nickel-free because they are made of medical-grade titanium.

Zales Enchanted Disney Villains Dragon Wrap Ring

The diamond dragon wrap ring from the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry line will make you look beautiful and confident. This ring has a carved dragon head with two rows of sparkling white diamonds around its neck. It makes any outfit more mysterious and classy.

Mulberry x Mira Mikati Dragon Square

Ring in the Moon The Mulberry x Mira Mikati line is a one-of-a-kind set of designer bags, ready-to-wear clothes, and accessories that capture the happy spirit of the Year of the Dragon. There are fun dragon animations by Mikati and Mulberry Ms. printed all over this square silk twill scarf.

Ashley Zhang Jewelry Lunar New Year Jade Bracelet

Ashley Zhang, a jewelry designer, used natural, undyed jade cabochons to show off the fine craftsmanship of her modern, simple 14K gold Lunar New Year bands.

Prada Lunar New Year Metal Earrings

Prada has a lovely collection of Lunar New Year jewelry that you can wear with your red outfit. These gold triangle earrings have the elegant shape of a rose carved into them.

Lush Blooming Dragon Gift Set

You can get Lush’s Blooming Dragon bath and shower set in shops and take a bath like a dragon. Go ahead and use the Inner Dragon bath bomb first. Then, use the Celebrate shower gel to get foamy. The artist on this gift is Bao Ho, who was born and lives in Hong Kong and learned herself art.

“In some Chinese fairy tales, the dragon is the king of the sea and reigns over the rain and water,” he says. They make it rain, which gives people and animals life and helps them grow. They look like nature’s guardians to me.

Michael Aram Chinese Zodiac Dragon Box

The dragon trinket box by Michael Aram is a great gift for someone who likes to gather small things. The artist said, “The sculpt of the box expresses the unique qualities of the animal. The pieces were fairly sculpted quickly so that they would have an organic quality to them.”

This Chinese zodiac dragon box is a good place to keep your valuable jewelry or memories, just like a dragon watches over gold and treasure.

Pandora Chinese Year of the Dragon Collier Necklace

This two-tone Chinese Year of the Dragon Collier necklace is a great way to start the new year. This necklace is made of sterling silver and has a curled dragon pendant that is plated in 14k gold and has small features and sparkling pavé all over its body.

You can wear it or give it as a gift to someone born under the dragon sign to accept their dragon traits in the coming year.

Ming Yu Wang Zhu Necklace

This year, Taiwanese-American designer Ming Yu Wang showed off the Zhu Necklace, which was inspired by her childhood in Taipei and the dragon statues she liked. This Lunar New Year gift is made of jade and pearls and is very elegant and graceful. It stands for knowledge, spirituality, and power.

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The Lunar New Year is an important festival in Asian society. It’s a time for happiness, good luck, and getting together with family. People often choose gifts, especially ones that celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Red boxes with fortunes are a traditional gift, but high-end brands like Prada, Fossil, and Ming Yu Wang also have capsules and collaborations that honor the Chinese zodiac sign.

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