Corporate Travel Management Company

There are several audiences who would be asking the above question and just a few of them who could give some possible answers.

The market audience who generally comes to our mind is the business person, who is finding his seat on an early Monday morning, and then monitors the connections he has made while back on his way on Friday.

And if there is something that is invisible in the picture is the second audience: the travelers corporate travel policy, followed by the third the corporate managers who are generally responsible for the execution and outcome of the policy that you have chosen.

It is impossible for any of the travel agency to arrive with one good reason to the question above unless and until you think in terms of managing the business travel rather than just arranging the business travel tours.

Understanding your travel business spend

Analysing your organizations business travel spent and splitting the total travel being spent in different business categories. For example you might want to wish to divide spend related to business travel into categories, hotels, flights, rails, meetings etc.

And if you have already been working with the business travel organization or have an account with your business travel suppliers then try and ask them for the travel data spend. This way you would here be able to further refine and get more accurate analysis on the travel expenses being spend for each spend.


While dealing with any specific travel management organization, the travel management should here assign tasks to specific agents in order to handle the support of client’s business units or departments.

The reporting again generally has to be of two kinds one the real time dashboard that could provide you with instant results on the service level performance, and two the standard and scheduled reports that would help you summarize SLA outcomes for the contractual purpose, enabling the TMC outcomes to clearly see how the policy outcomes have been progressing and derive decisions based on accurate and easily understandable information.

How Travel Companies Committed to Sustainably?

Whether you are purchasing a business travel service or any other service, it does become very vital enough for you and how your organizations how the preferred businesses travel companies have committed to sustainability.

Make sure that your supplier have been partnering with you sharing the same vision and commitment to sustainability as without this your goals could never ever be achieved. Ask the selected business travel companies for their sustainability policy in order to know, how the supplier would understand the sustainable procurement in the business travel.

Can they also provide you with a track record of how closely they could be working with the clients reducing the carbon footprint?

It’s going to get personal

The internet age has always been considered responsible for personalization and it is there everywhere from the search engine results and the content feeds, to all the recommendations that we see on the social media and the shopping websites like Amazon.

Mobile devices would here take personalization even further in the future with the smart services being based on the user activity and preferences.

These services here would again help the travelers with each and everything starting from planning and booking travel in order to get through the day to day business activities and logistics when they are actually on road.

To conclude with so many different areas of travel industry operations, these four major steps would here help you and your business organization value the sound technology investments and good communication strategies.

And even the perfect execution of these ideas and strategies would result travellers with some encountering headaches and misfortune, but would find itself in addressing the exceptions rather than the chronic conditions.

Over 5 years of her experience in procurement management software, Melissa Patterson has made great strides in helping many companies to take care of their travel expenses. Her in-depth knowledge about managing travel expenses comes by using latest technologies to keep it under control. She is currently writing articles about travel expense management as a freelancer.