MilesWeb Reseller Hosting: An Extra Income Opportunity

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

Before diving deep into the MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans, let’s first check what is reseller hosting?

For those who just have a basic idea of web hosting, reseller hosting might be a new term. To make it simple, cheap reseller hosting means selling the services of a hosting company under your own brand name and at your own prices. This is a great business for web developers and designers.

This is because web developers and designers, develop and design the website for several clients that want to develop their online presence. Since the clients hire a person for website development, it means they aren’t technical freak.

This is the weak point which can become strong for you and you can recommend your own hosting company for hosting their website.

This is not only beneficial for you to earn extra but also for the clients as they find the services required under one roof, saving their time as well as money (of course you will give them some discount for buying everything from you).

But this doesn’t mean that only web developers and designers can run this business. Even individuals that are thinking of quitting their jobs and starting their own business but confused on the niche can start with a web hosting business.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Review

Now that you are aware about reseller hosting, you should be alert while selecting the best reseller hosting India provider. This is because many web hosting providers don’t offer white label reseller hosting which can put you into trouble.

With white label, you get a chance to sell the hosting services under your own brand name without letting your clients know that you are a reseller. When a web host provides white label reseller hosting, it doesn’t display its name on the plans.

Finding such a provider is not an easy task today as there are several providers that do offer white label reseller hosting but they might show you a false picture. To avoid this to happen with you, don’t miss to go through the review of the best reseller host of India.

MilesWeb – An Award Winning Web Host of India

Being in the industry since last 6 years, MilesWeb has won several awards for their reliability, performance, security and customer service. Started in 2012 and headquartered in India, it took no time for them to make their presence in other countries.

Today, they are recognized among the topmost web hosting companies globally. Additionally, they have partnered with companies such as AWS, DigitalOcean, cPanel, Plesk, Microsoft and many more. Their customer base has grown to over 16000+ customers and is continuously growing.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans for Beginners

Beginners can opt for their cPanel and Plesk reseller hosting plans.

cPanel Reseller Hosting Plans

Plesk Windows Reseller Hosting

Reseller Features

Most reseller hosts offer certain standard features and so thus, MilesWeb

Standard Features

cPanel/Plesk and WHM

MilesWeb offers cPanel with their Linux and Plesk with Windows plans. cPanel and Plesk both allow you to manage your client’s hosting accounts along with websites, emails and much more.

With WHM you can create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc.

Unlimited Resources

MilesWeb allows you to host unlimited domain under a single cPanel account. Also, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and unlimited emails accounts on all their reseller hosting plans.

SSL Certificates

You get free SSL certificate installed on your website to keep it secure from the online threats. It keeps your customers’ critical data encrypted.

One-Click Installers

MilesWeb offers one-click installer, Softaculous that allows you to install applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. They offer over 400 applications to install.

MilesWeb offers you some more features other than the standard features:

White Labeling

You get the white label feature with MilesWeb reseller hosting. White label helps you to use your own brand name for selling your hosting services. Your customers won’t know that you are a reseller of MilesWeb.

Add-on Domains

You also get a free domain reseller account with MilesWeb. You can sell domains too along with hosting and earn extra.

Other Addon Services

Do you want to earn some more in addition to domain reselling? You get a chance to sell addon services such as VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, SpamExperts, SSL certificates, backups, domain registration, WHO IS ID protection, etc.

Datacenter Location Choice

You can select the server location as per your choice from USA, UK, India, Australia, Singapore and Canada. Choosing a server location near to your target audience helps to reduce the website load time.

Free Website Migration

Want to migrate to MilesWeb servers? MilesWeb helps you in complete website migration for free at your convenient time. They ensure that there isn’t any data loss while migration is done.

Final Thoughts

If you are really interested in stating your own business reseller hosting is a great business for you.

Though technically minded and well-organized people can run a profitable business in no time, even a newbie can run it very well.

And don’t forget, reseller hosting is a business that requires very little in the way of start-up cash.

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