Modern Room Decorating Ideas

Functionality, as well as minimalism, is what contemporary or modern styled décor is all about on today’s date. The clutter or over-crowding of the bedroom with associated accessories now no longer appeals to those with a preference for contemporary décor styles. For those in search for the inspiration of attaining modernly set or themed bedrooms, mentioned below are just a few examples of the most commonly preferred styles of setting up a contemporary bedroom while also maintaining simplicity.

Keeping it Bare

Covering up the walls regardless of whether with patterned wallpaper or even clear paint is not categorized as being a necessity under contemporary styled bedroom or room spaces.  Sheer preference is given to either entirely leaving the walls bare in their grey, concrete form to give out a rustic look or keeping the bricks wholly exposed has also become a contemporary trend within the world of room décor.

The idea of bare or exposed brick walls has taken the market by storm due to which home décor stores like IKEA tend to sell wallpapers imitating the design and 3D outlook of a bare wall, that too in varying color choices.

For those not entirely in favor of keeping the bricks lay bare in their pure form or color upon the walls, can always opt for covering them up with glossy, or matte grey paint for maintain the uniqueness as well as adding a bit of color which stays local to the preset color palette of the room.

Indoor Greenery

For creating a truly unique outlook, modern décor tends to deviate from what may be considered as being normal. The idea of bringing a bit of the outside, in particular, plants and greenery within the home specifically within the vicinity of the bedroom is considered as a common theme of modern décor.

Better utilization of bed stands can be made by placing small to moderate sized container plants upon it, whether its indoors cactus you want to go for or even give the greenery a touch of flower-blooming plant indoor plants. To further enhance the look of indoor bedroom greenery, relatively larger sized plant pots can also be placed in a corner for a more modern outlook.

A Big Window View

The idea of creating your own personalized indoor bedroom garden can completely be ditched in cases where the bedroom already consists of a full-length window featuring a fantastic view, regardless of whether it’s of the skyline, the garden or any encapsulating landscape.

Filling up the room in cases of big windows with distracting accessories such as indoor plants can end up creating a chaotic outlook which is considered as being far from a contemporary décor theme. To best enhance the effect of the landscape being displayed by a full wall-to-wall window, bedroom accessories such as the bedcovers, the lamp shades, the choice of wallpaper or even the rugs can be kept in contrasting colors to those being showcased by the window.

In cases where privacy is desired, the shades can be pulled down of the blinds can be pulled forwards.

Combination of Black and White

Since contemporary décor mostly relies upon the components of a sleek output, lines or stripes are always a common sight. At the same time, another common view or in particular combination which creates a very rhythmic effect in bedrooms comes in the form of black and white being merged.

To best bring about a dash of color into the preferably black and white color palette of the décor featuring mostly grey or associated color hues/tones, minor accessories such as bed pillows or lampshades can be placed in vibrant colors such as neon green, purple or even orange.

Maintaining Simplicity

Minimalism is considered as the core essence of supporting a contemporary décor theme alongside functionalism. To attain a minimalistic styled bedroom modern décor, it is best advised only to keep a limited number of highlighted furniture within, too many bedroom accessories can result in the creation of clutter.

Aside from the above mentioned, varying textures, full-size paintings, antique rugs or innovatively styled bedroom furniture can be used to help create a personalized contemporary bedroom décor theme which best reflects your style and liking.

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