Christmas Tour To Goa, Amazing New Year Goa Carnival Festival

Experience the vibrant New Year Goa Carnival Festival: Join the colorful celebration with music, dance, and cultural extravaganzas.

Christmas Tour To Goa

Celebrate New Year in style at the Goa Carnival Festival: Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with parades and lively performances.

Goa is a wonderful place for a memorable vacation. With the New Year closing by, the Carnival and Christmas festivities have already kicked in. This is the time for a great holiday time with your dear ones in Goa. Read on to know more!

Month after month a large number of visitors throng to Goa which is the best coastal destination in India. Tourists arrive here to relax at splendid beaches and make advance reservations in hotels in Goa.

Dozens of white and sandy beaches in Goa are the perfect spot for a fun filled evening. There are even secluded and uncrowded secret beaches as well. The Goan beaches and the villages around have transformed over the course of decades, still keeping at par with their unique charm.

The best beaches in Goa such as Anjuna, Palolem, and Arambol are the ones you should visit for scintillating visuals of the sunsets and the beauty around.

One of the most spectacular beaches of Goa is the Arambol Beach. It is the northernmost beach of Goa and a popular hangout for people. It is situated about 50 km away from Panaji.

Located in the warm Arambol village, Arambol beach is the perfect place for all the nature lovers. It is the dream destination for every Goa visitor with its widespread coastlines and a pristine feel that would compel you to stay here for longer than you have planned.

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Arambol has two beaches. The more popular of the two is the Harmal beach. The other one is by also scenic and it has steep cliffs all around it.

Anjuna beach near the flea market is another popular spot in Goa. Anjuna is mostly popular with the party lovers who find this beach quite happening. Anjuna has an old flea market that is open only once a week.

It had started off as a bazaar that a few hippies started by putting their homemade chillums on sale. That was many years ago.

The trivia about this is that, considered amongst the best beaches of Goa, Anjuna beach was renowned as the ultimate hippie destination during the sixties and seventies. It is losing the steam, of late.

As of now, Palolem beach, which is another fabulous beach in Goa and often referred as the Paradise Lost of Goa, is the new hotspot of all fun. Palolem is said to be the most tranquil beach in Goa.

New visitors are coming to this place every now and then as the attractions and services are widening at this spot. Palolem has numerous palm trees which look magnificent against the white sand dunes.

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You can find accommodation here easily as there are so many shacks, huts and village-homes to check out. A number of hotels in Goa are located around the beaches. So, you get more options in places to stay in Goa.

Palolem is not a huge beach and you can explore it on foot easily. There are bikes available on rent. You can also take a boat ride in order to explore Palolem beach.

If you want to explore the virgin beaches in Goa, Benaulim beach is the place to see. It is peaceful and you would see very few people around, except in the evenings on the weekends.

Benaulim beach is right along the shoreline of Arabian Sea. You can take a bus from Colva, about 2 km away, to reach Benaulim beach. For best places to have a scrumptious dinner, you can check out the Candolim beach in Goa.

It has eateries with all the different range of food prices on offer. You can also enjoy magic shows and karaoke in some of the restaurants at Candolim beach. It makes for a delightful time in the evening.

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You can reach Goa fast enough on a flight from any big city of India. For those who want to keep a tab on the budget, train journey is the best choice.

During the festive seasons like Christmas and New Year Carnival, Goa witnesses a lot of tourists and visitors and therefore, it can be a bit difficult to get a confirmed train ticket. Hence, PNR status check can prove to be quite handy in such a case.

A route to Goa via Mumbai or Bangalore is also considerable. Have a great vacation!

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