8 Best Nike Running Shoes under 5000

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Yes, you have landed on the right page. Nikes are always in high demand. They are the first choice when someone is planning to buy sports shoes.

Nike has maintained a reputation in the shoe industry by always keeping the quality and comfort in the top game. Such high-quality shoes mostly imply big bucks.

We are here to unveil some very sturdy pairs which will satisfy your ambitions of wearing the top end ‘Nike’ under 5000. To get additional discounts, you can avail yourself of Nike shoe coupons.

The world’s leading shoe manufacturer is now coming up with new budget shoes every year.

The design technology and innovation used behind the making of Nike are phenomenal and are also responsible for maintaining higher quality standards and greater comfort. Nike is committed to providing footwear solutions like never before.

Their shoes have proved to increase the performance of world level athletes in different disciplines like Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Basketball etc.

The Top Selling Nike Shoes Under 5K

Filtering out running shoes is very tough. When you search at any of the online stores, they suggest so many which make you wonder which one is ‘the one’.

Let us take a leap and go for the best Nike shoes available today under 5000.

#1. The Overplay VIII

These black, Pure Platinum label Nike Shoes fit you perfectly. The Black body with a white swoosh the Nike logo idealizes the design and overall outlook.

The synthetic upper material keeps it more durable. The lace-up closure gives you the satisfaction and Grip you need while running. The shoes are also well ventilated and give your feet coolness on the go.

The maintenance of these shoes is straightforward. You can use a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains from your running pairs.

#2. Revolve 2

The Nike revolve series is top-rated and a good choice for your running sessions. These pairs are incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

The revolve 2 comes in a Cool Grey, Pink and Black combination, which looks sporty. The upper mesh ensures that the shoes are well ventilated and odor-free.

The shoes are a lace-up type that ensures proper Grip while doing your daily workout. This beauty will enter your must-have list. Avail of extra discounts using Nike Coupons.

#3. Downshifter 7

The downshifter series is very swift in design like its predecessors. The synthetic upper makes these downshifters more durable, and a combi of mesh makes it lightweight.

The extraordinary Grip obtained by these downshifters makes it climb the wishlist ladder, thanks to the rubber sole.

It also helps in proper ventilation, keeping your feet dry. Grab these Chlorine blue or Grey and neon green colored sports shoes at never before rates.

#4. Nike Revolution 3

These outdoor shoes are fascinating. Another successor of the Revolve series makes hit the ball out of the ground in terms of performance.

Mesh patterns cover the outer material, and the inner material is cotton making the shoes very comfortable and light, as witnessed by the materials used.

The sole is made up of rubber, giving an extra edge in terms of Grip and extreme comfort due to ultralight features while running. These shoes can perform well in any terrain.

The highly stylish design makes you look fashionable and goes well with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Go on, grab your following pairs of Nike Revolve 3 now.

#5. Flex Experience

These stylish shoes by Nike look pretty, and you can feel the innovation of Nike when inside these pairs of Flex. These are ultralight and are very durable.

You can pair these with casuals and look fabulous. The light Blue ones are one of my fav picks. The soul is perfect and dedicates an extra grip to what regular sports shoes have.

You can go for these pairs if you are looking for shoes to wear all the time. These shoes come at around 4K, which is a steal from what this Flex Experience offers.

#6. Dart 11 MSL

The Dart 11 is revolutionary in the budget shoe segment. The extraordinary comfort and durability offered by the Dart 11 MSL are off the tempo. It is nowhere near ordinary sports shoes.

Instead, it is unique. The mesh upper allows the shoes to de-odorize at regular intervals. Nike has brought up these darts with an MSL tag which means it is idle for sportswear and extreme workouts where you seek good performance.

Different color options are available, including purple, Wolf grey with volt and whites. It looks best with activewear. You can get these shoes at around 4500.

The lace-up style provides extra Grip while fast running. Purchase the new Nike Dart 11 MSL at discounted rates.

#7. Eberron Low

The Eberron Low dominates the casual sneakers by Nike. The crisp design and low rise make it one of the top picks. These are pretty simple, which makes them look perfect.

The upper is made up of leather, giving it a long life. The sole of these shoes uses memory foam which gives extra comfort and feels very light. These sneakers come up with lace options that provide extra Grip.

These come in a blue color, which looks dapper under a pair of Jeans and a T-shirt. Grab these from online stores now at a discounted rate.

#8. The Benassi Slp

These Nike’s are slip-on shoes which makes this one of a kind. These slip-on let your feet breathe while providing excellent traction.

Finished up with all-over suede, the looks are just phenomenal. These sneakers by Nike are very comfortable and lightweight.

The features include an EVA sole, Leather uppers, Smart casuals and the Nike logo. Grab these now at never-before prices.

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