Opening a Hotel

A vacation is as amazing as the accommodation option it comes with. Without a proper lodging facility, you may never experience the real fun of a vacation trip. Tadoba is a place to explore. I am not speaking from a traveler’s viewpoint. I am looking at the business prospect this place holds.

Every time I visit Tadoba, it is crowded with tourists. Not only people from India, but foreigners are also present in this place. So, if you can open a luxury hotel in close proximity to the Tadoba National Park, great profitability can be expected.

Before opening a hotel, you need to contact the Forest Department. The entire area falls under the Forest Department of Maharashtra. You need to place your proposal and wait for approval. If you are planning to open a restaurant, the procedures are similar. You cannot own a plot of land in the region surrounding Tadoba National Park. You can take it on rent or lease it.

Since there are not many quality private accommodation options available at cheaper rates, you stand a chance to make things better for the tourists. The key to business success when opening your hotel in Tadoba is to earn the trust of the local people. Once that is done, your hotel will soon get popular through the word of mouth.

Accommodation options in Tadoba

If you are considering the option for launching quality accommodation in Tadoba, you should do some research about the existing hotels and resorts. The resorts are mostly expensive and cater to the foreign tourists.

For those who look for quality affordable solutions, Tadoba National Park resorts are the best options to avail.

These resorts are perfectly well-constructed and promise total security. If you are planning to open your own resort, ensure that they feature spacious and well furnished rooms, attached Western style washroom with hot and cold water facility, and fine dining services. They must also come with laundry service, room cleaning service and telephone services.

If you can provide tourists with uninterrupted interest facilities through Wi-Fi connectivity, your hotel’s reputation will rise beyond expectation. Also, you must consider the security and safety issues concerning the boarders. If you want your hotel business to flourish, provide a homely feel to the boarders.

Offering advanced booking is highly recommended

If you are planning to open your resort at Tadoba, make options for advanced booking through the Internet and also over the telephone. Give discounts to those who book 3-4 months in advance. You must focus on the construction part as well. The interior and exterior decoration must cater not only to the Indian crowd, but also to the international travelers.

Indian tourists, mostly those who visit Tadoba with families, prefer wildlife packages offered by MTDC. These are all-inclusive packages offering pick-up and drop off facility from (to) Nagpur on luxurious cars or buses, stay at the MTDC lodge, all 4 meals for the number of days you will be staying, Jungle Safari, and local sightseeing.

These packaged trips are usually cheap and the best options if you don’t have any idea about the place. Since they are arranged by the Government, safety can be guaranteed. You can also collaborate with the MTDC to offer packages at lower rates. There are several business plans to consider.

If you are planning to open your hotel in Tadoba, ensure that all the guidelines are properly followed. Always keep documented evidence for all your business proposals and processes. Remember, you are dealing in a zone that may not be well-known to you.

Hence, play the cards safely to ensure your business stands well in the denseness of forest.