10 Top Painting Tips To Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger

Painting Tips For Bathroom

Small bathrooms are so common that it almost seems like they’re a requirement of modern homes. There’s just one problem: those small spaces can feel incredibly cramped, especially if you need to store toiletries in your bathroom.

There are a few things you can do with room design and paint to help your bathroom feel a lot larger, though, and that can make it a lot more comfortable.

Here are a few ideas to help you make your bathroom feel larger.

#1. Add A Couple More Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best visual tricks to increase the size of your bathroom. You need to choose locations strategically, because, of course, no one wants to stare at their own reflection while using the toilet.

A mirror wall or just a couple of larger mirrors give the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Of course, if adding mirrors isn’t an option, you can always increase the size of your over-the-sink mirror. It makes a bigger difference than you might expect.

#2. Stick To Lighter Colors

One of the tricks to make a space seem larger is to use light colors that help the space feel a little bigger. Pale greens and blues are particularly popular for the bathroom, but almost any light color (except brown or yellow) can work well. Choosing the right paint color can even affect the value of your home.

You can also use a combination of different pale colors to brighten the room and create the illusion of more space.

#3. Paint Your Ceiling Dark Colors

Making your ceiling a darker color than the rest of your bathroom is another great way to make the space seem a little larger.

Having a dark blue, purple, or black ceiling is particularly effective because it creates the illusion of a night sky above you. However, greens are also a good option for this effect, especially if you’re using a light minty green on the walls.

For a subtler alternative, you can use a stripe of dark color around the ceiling trim or just where the ceiling and walls meet. If you like the effect, consider painting your whole ceiling, but if you don’t like it a stripe will be easier to cover than your whole ceiling.

#4. Consider A Large Pattern On The Walls

Using a large stencil on your bathroom walls to create a larger pattern is a good way to make the space feel bigger. This option is particularly effective if you use a dark-colored pattern on white or pale-colored background.

Plus, this is one of the better options if you have a bathroom that has a lot of strange angles or things like vents and cut-ins that make your bathroom an odd shape.

Ideally, the pattern you choose shouldn’t be too busy. For example, big patterns do a better job of maximizing the space, and curvier patterns help minimize angles.

#5. Choose A Patterned Floor

If you don’t want to play with the paint on the walls in your bathroom to make it feel bigger, your floor is another option. A patterned floor, either tile or wooden, can make a huge difference.

Plus, if you use patterned flooring, one of the other tricks to make your bathroom feel bigger is to use the same material for all or part of your shower.

#6. Go All Black

Light colors are more common than dark colors in your bathroom, but going all black can be a great way to make your bathroom seem bigger.

One of the tricks of this option is that you also need to make your bathroom appliances darker. They might not have to be black, but your appliances shouldn’t be white if you go with this option.

Consider dark tile, black or dark-colored paint, and minimal paler accent colors to make the space feel bigger. Remember that too many pale accents will shrink the space, so you need to commit to darker colors if you want to make this trick work.

#7. Use Contrasting Colors

One of the best ways to create space in your bathroom is to use different contrasting colors.

Darker colors are usually a good option if you’re using contrasting colors. So, if most of your bathroom is white or beige, having one contrasting wall can make the space feel a little bigger in that direction.

Using small accents of the same color throughout your bathroom can also help make the bathroom feel bigger. For instance, using the same color as a contrasting trim on your bathroom mirror or at the top or bottom of your wall can help make the space feel larger and fuller.

#8. Paint Your Cabinets

Another great way to make your bathroom feel a little bigger is to paint your cabinets a color similar to the countertops, floor, or walls to help them blend in. Paler colors are particularly good for making your cabinets feel more like part of the background and expanding your space.

Painting your cabinets is a particularly good option if your cabinets are a darker wood stain or a dark painted color.

#9. Go Darker, But Only The Top 3rd

One way to make your bathroom feel bigger is to use a darker shade of the same color as your other walls on the top 3rd of your walls and ceiling.

You can either create a sharp line between two colors or use a sponge ombre effect for a more gradual transition.

The goal here is to make your ceiling feel further away and create the space you occupy in your bathroom feel larger.

#10. Wrap Up With Other Details

Painting and designing the walls, ceiling, and floor of your bathroom aren’t the only ways you can help your bathroom feel larger. For instance, choosing a color scheme and matching your decorations and even your towels to that color scheme can help your bathroom feel larger and look better.

You can also make changes like switching to a glass shower door instead of a curtain, which can make the space feel larger because you can see more of your bathroom at a time.

It’s all about being mindful of your space and how you can use color, texture, and other design elements to make the most of it.

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