In traditional Indian medicine “PANCHAKARMA” is a common and well understood term already for thousands of years. The body is to be brought back into line and toxins are flushed out.

In Panchakarma, the goal is to prevent disease and aging, rejuvenation of the body and the healing of internal and external. The therapy is divided into various purification steps, all of which are very gentle and should ensure that dissolve deposits and toxins from the tissues and the organism.

After the cleaning is finished, it goes to the next step. Relaxing treatments to activate the body’s own healing powers. According to ayurvedic teachings, it is only possible to develop energy and vitality when body and mind are in harmony.

All treatment steps of the “therapy” are aligned and overlap each other. Just as success for the whole body can be achieved.

Part of the treatment are massages with warm oils and substances to enable the fabric. These massages should pull waste products and toxins from the skin.

Also steam baths with various herbs to support the detoxification. Broadly massages play a major role and also the applied oils are usually made of different and special herbs. In addition to the treatment of the skin, but a gentle inlet is often provided, which is to rid the body also inside of poisons.

The Panchakarma therapy is its gentle treatments very suitable for people who want to relax just once. Especially with diseases such as asthma, rheumatism, allergies and headaches great successes could already be detected.