Parental Monitoring Apps

A couple of decades ago, we often punished by our parents and asked, where were you all the day than father vows that in a playground. Who knew that in near future, parents will force their kids to go to playgrounds. Now the young teenagers are willing to use the tech gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and IPad’s and many other devices.

The dizzying world of social media networking pierces in the blood of young generation and at the same time parents are worried and coping with the negatives of social media such as cyber bullying, sexually abused online, racist, stalkers and possible health hazards.

The extreme of everything always went wrong, so according to the National, Crime Prevention Council reports almost 43% of young teenagers were the victims of online bullying in last year, but few cases were reported to their parents.

However, young kids and teens number dramatically higher in number on the usage of smartphones such as texting, messaging, internet activities, instant messaging applications, and many others.

Almost 23% of the young teenagers 12 up 17 admitted that they have smartphones devices, all of them use their phone for texting and 18 percent claims that they send 200 text messages in a single day, according to PEW survey. So, parents should aware of the fact that the use of cell phone and the use of social media has some serious consequences no time ever before.

How to Choose Right Tools?

The best way having a watchful eye on kid’s activities such as text messages, internet browsing, and emails seems like a very hectic work to perform by busy parents. But there are plenty of monitoring and tracking tools in order to implement some particular ground rules which would be useful for protecting kids.

Talk to your kids and inform them that their each and every single activity is being watched. Then parents can use software. The contemporary word is full of technology which is very handy for worried parents. The question is how the parents go about it and what sort of service they utilize and what concerns they would address?

The answer is they can track their kids in case of emergency; the issue can be solved through the service of geo-location, GPS tracking and with the geofencing.  The monitoring services getting through software enable parents to keep predators, bullies, and stalkers at bay.

When is Monitoring useful?

“Privacy ends where safety begins” the element of monitoring is necessary at the point where parents feel that it is too much now. There is a lot of contradiction on monitoring no time ever before, Parry Aftab said that. Parry is lawyer specialize in cyber bullying and cyber harassment, she is also an author of book “A Parent’s Guide to the Internet”. Monitoring kids are not hectic thing compare to tracking the kids where they are and who are their friends, she further added that.

So protecting kids for the sake of their wellbeing is called parenting, she added. The element of parenting permits parents to monitor all the activities of their kid’s online set some ground rules and make discussions with kids regarding the online safety. Parry further stated that there are a lot of more concerning things such as violent crimes and kidnapping, sexting, getting ransoms, identity theft and credentials theft are very serious issues to kids.

First Strategy: No digital Phone for underage youngsters:

Parents should think and realize that why they purchase smartphones for their young kids, I don’t think so it is the good thing to have a smartphone in young kid’s hands. Parents should buy safe phones or feature phone for their kids, which do not have web browsing attributes.

Safe phone and features phones are very less expensive than the smartphones, parents should not provide smartphones until their kids enable to understand about the do’s and don’ts. Having the feature or safe phone in kid’s hands, parents will not have any insecurity which can harm their kids by any means.

Second Strategy: The Carriers

There are also some carriers who usually offer location tracking which also known as geo-tracking or geo is fencing and also the element of monitoring along with the security features. These carriers allow parents to monitor the location and also empower parents to lock the child phone device.

Parents can use these carriers to track their kid’s location at predetermine times such as at school in the morning and nights. Generally, parents can use accounts records to view the contacts on which their kids texting and calling. The problem lies when these carriers protect the privacy and parents cannot view the messages of instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Line, Tinder, WhatsApp and others.

Third Strategy: Parental Monitoring Apps:

There is as many parental control and monitoring apps are available as there are parents are insecure about the protection of their kids. There are plenty of options but the setup can be un-imaginable complicated.  The third party monitoring apps is an option when parents realize that it is too much now, and the saving kids from the evil’s online world are necessary.

Opting a good and perfect monitoring app is the most crucial and tough thing to do. Parents should first analyze and addressing the core issues which they actually want to monitor. After addressing the issues then they should visit the experts to get some opinions, then should make a choice having a monitoring app which has all solutions of possible online problems.

Parents should get a monitoring app which can monitor text messages, conversations, voice calls, all instant messaging applications, GPS location tracking, internet browsing, emails, key loggers and view multimedia files activities, of their young kids and teens single-handedly.


Parents can use monitoring apps when they come to the point their kids are addicted to the online world, and there is dire need to protect them. The monitoring applications are created for the well- being of the young children and save them from possible online dangers.

Addison is a journalist and digital parenting expert. He is managing technical content at cell phone spy software, listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs.