The Best Valentine’s Day Personalized Jewelry Gift for Her

Make memories that will last a lifetime with a personalized Valentine's Day gift for her. It will be a one-of-a-kind way to show your love that she will always treasure.

personalized Valentine's Day Gift for Her

Valentine’s Day is a great time to surprise her with something unique. Find the perfect personalized gift to make her heart skip a beat.

Make it special with these well-thought-out, hand-crafted jewelry items. From delicate bracelets to bold rings and elaborate, hand-painted charms, these are meaningful gifts that will wow your sweetie.

Make her a custom Valentine’s Day gift to show your love in a way that is truly unique. She gets a one-of-a-kind token of your affection.

Valentine’s Day Personalized Jewelry Gift for Her

Personalizing a gift just for her on Valentine’s Day will make it extra special. It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt act that says a lot.

Personalized Pet Portrait Oval Charm

Fine jeweler Irene Neuwirth has created custom pet portraits that are both exquisite and unique, perfect for any fur parent. Irene collaborates with a German artisan who skillfully carves the crystal quartz for the Pet Portrait collection, after which she hand-paints each animal portrait intaglio.

When they return to Los Angeles, it is set on abalone or mother of pearl and completed with any gemstone you like. It’s a thoughtful and opulent inheritance for the future.

Postcard pendant in yellow gold.

Annoushka, a London-based designer, is well-known for creating individualized items that you’ll adore and wear every day (check out her initial bracelets and pendants, too).

Crafted from 18k yellow gold, this postcard charm is a charming Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift. It contains a small ruby stamp. Hang it from the Knuckle Classic Chain and add an engraved name or phrase on either side to make it uniquely yours.

I adore the modern cartouche

The emotive engraved coins known as Love Tokens from earlier eras served as the inspiration for this cartouche necklace’s front vintage script font. Select your own custom symbols, like hearts, flowers, and doves, to go on the back.

Pearl and Gold Vermeil Bracelet

Wearable art is the core idea behind Anna Jewsbury’s Complete Works brand. The letter, which is handcrafted in London and has two freshwater pearls on a 14k yellow gold vermeil chain, is polished to resemble the outlines of a helium balloon. There is a necklace version of this as well.

Pendant with turquoise nostalgia

Make a statement with this outrageously large, retro-inspired letter pendant from the mischievous Boochier brand. This one has four little diamonds set on either side and is crafted from polished 18k yellow gold. The orange enamel background adds a wonderful flash of color and gives it a two-dimensional appearance.

Ring for Drum Head

Diamonds and 18k yellow gold make up the foundation of this Jade Ruzzo ring. The design, which is made and hand-finished in New York City, may also be modified with different stones and colors and is offered in white or rose gold.

Without Crainte

Sans Crainte, a solid gold pendant by Seal & Scribe that means “without fear” in translation, serves as a daily reminder to remain courageous.

The pattern is hand-cast in 18k gold using a mold created from an old intaglio seal that they own. To cap it off, as a tribute to the seal’s history, diamonds set in a Georgian design surround it. Additionally, the back of it can have a name or message etched on it.

Identity Chain

This ID bracelet by American jeweler Jade Trau is made to be engraved, so there’s plenty of room to add a particular message, name, or date.

Expect an extra-wide, handcrafted 18k gold name bar and a cluster of pavé diamonds on one side of one of the brand’s best-selling items.

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