Treasure Troves of Uttarakhand Near Nainital

Nainital is one of the most popular hill stations of Uttarakhand. People from all over the world flock to this hilly getaway located above 2084 m above the sea level. This is a town of hills, valleys, greenery and warm people. But gradually this is becoming the tourist magnet of India which means the roads and markets of Nainital are almost always clogged with tourists.

The smarter travelers are thus choosing locations near this hill station with the same calm and cool climate but without the rush.

Let us present a few of the not so popular tourist spots in Uttarakhand located near Nainital.


This is a small town located in the Champawat district about 20 min from the main city of Nainital. This town is famous for its Bahari temples. On Raksha Bandhan day every year an extremely unusual fair attracts people from all over Uttarakhand and Nepal to participate in the Bhagwal festival. If you find the name Devidhura extremely familiar, then you must be a fellow Jim Corbett fan!


this is a hill station in the Almorah district located about 65 km away from Nainital. This is less frequented by the common tourists.

This hill station offers panoramic views of the mountains laden with snow bordering the quaint town located 1800 m above sea level. This place has a forever present salubrious atmosphere invigorated with lush green conifers and mysteriously rustling forests.

There are a number of hotels, lodges and guest houses which offer rooms for a variety of rates. Ranikhet is the perfect getaway for young people traveling in packs as well as the romantic honeymooners who want to find each other in seclusion.


The town of Almorah is spread over just a 5 km ridge on Kashaya Hill. This is a treasure trove of old legends, many temples and beautiful architecture.

This town was found by the Chand Rajas and maintained by the English officials, this town mainly attracts tourists for the Nanda Devi temple and Chitai Golu Devta Temple. One can easily spend a weekend brown studying the green filigree of the forests surrounding the small town nestled in the Kumaon.


this is another not so well known hill station of Uttarakhand which is located about 188 km from Nainital. This is ideal for lone tourists and honeymooners who want to spend their time in seclusion. The convenient location provides a view of 350 km stretch of the mountains.

The glorious view of the snow-covered Himalayas has been the source of many inspirations. People from all over the world are attracted to the simple charms of Kausani.


This is also referred to as the Switzerland of India. You may not be able to ski but you will be treated to a grandiose view of snow capped mountains which compares to the serenity posed by the vista of Switzerland.

Chopta should be visited in the winters when the snow covers the terrain in a uniform dazzling white. Not too many travelers dare to step into the snow kingdom; hence Chopta remains pretty much away from the clutter of regular tourists. This is located 242 km from Nainital and is easily reachable by road.

These are a few places off the beaten track which have attracted a niche crowd from nearby cities. People with a lust for adventure and discovering new things are drawn time and again to these less explored treasures of Uttarakhand.

Most Outstation cab services can take you to these gems since they are mostly not connected to the main cities via direct transport. These pre-booked cabs can pick you up from your doorstep and drop you at the gates of these treasure chambers in no time like Dehli to Nainital taxi.