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Hope you selected your perfect tile! But your work is not over yet- you must start planning to get quality adhesives for tiles. Power Grace Industries LTD is well known for that.

After all, you don’t want any misfit tile on your wall. Tile manufacturers also provide tile adhesive used to paste the ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles on the surface.

So when you choose a tile according to your unique substrate (wall and floor surface), then why not choose the right stone fixing chemical to ensure your tiles remain in their best-fit state for years?

There are professionals ready to help you out in the selection process. Here, we are sharing a handy guide that will help you choosing tile adhesive yourself. For further advice, get in touch with your local tile adhesive supplier.

Power Grace Industries LTD

In general, suppliers are providing two types of adhesives-

  1. Ready-mixed pastes
  2. Powdered adhesives

Ready-mixed pastes are simple to use. However, you need to bring the ready mixed paste tub for fixing your smaller ceramic tiles to the walls.

This means you cannot use this paste to fix your other big wall tiles and floor tiles. Powdered adhesives can be used by mixing with water and making a slurry.

This will take time and effort. But these adhesives work perfectly for ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles to any substrate. In addition, these adhesives provide a stronger bond in general.

Pasting Floor Tiles Manufacturer India

Flooring is an essential part of any building, and so it should be impressive and look beautiful. To add charm and appeal to the flooring, you use tiles because of the product’s durability and lower price.

Tile adhesive is a glue-based material or chemical that can easily fix the tiles around the house. The ready-made adhesives for tiles are made from Portland cement, polymers like epoxy, and selected aggregate particles with additives included inside enhancing pasting property.

Tile fixing adhesives are applied to the walls, floors, swimming pools, and other surfaces made of cement, wood, glass, etc.

Adhesives made for tiles are usually polymer-modified cement-based fixing chemicals available in powdered or mixed paste forms. These chemicals provide extra strength to hold the tile on the surface as compared to normal cement-sand mortar.

These chemicals are also waterproof and can be applied to wet areas, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, etc.

Some suppliers mix different polymers like acrylic, epoxy, latex, etc., to enhance adhesion properties. These adhesives are used to fix or prevent water from seeping underneath the tiles.

Power Grace Industries LTD India

The acrylic used in adhesive makes it moisture-proof. The acrylic-based adhesive is generally used for fixing small size tiles. You can use this adhesive for ceramic tile, vitrified tile, natural stone tile, etc.

Latex makes tile adhesive super flexible. The latex-based adhesive is best for exterior application where some movement is needed.

Epoxy-based chemical adhesive increases strength and hardness. You can apply epoxy-based adhesive indoor or outdoor as this chemical is resistant to water, oil, diluted acids, and most solvents.

However, this will cost you more than the usual tile fixing chemical. Therefore, this is mostly used by industries needing to fix chemical-proof and anti-corrosive tiles.

General preparation

When you think of fixing tiles, you should be prepared for the same. That means before opening the first bag of adhesive, and you should be sure that your substrates are ready for tile fixing, i.e., they should be flat, clean, and good in strength to take your tiles.

The adhesive for tiles you have used should be properly cured before you try and walk on your beautiful new tiled flooring. If you hurry, any pressure might result in tile shifting, and you might have to fix your uneven floor then.

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