Piston Pin

Manufacturers are making four types of circlip fittings for piston pins. These are tangles wire circlip, tanged wire circlip, tanged rectangular circlip, and Seeger circlip. In this article, manufacturers will tell you how to take care of piston pin fittings circlip.

It would be best if you never twisted a circlip when you are trying to fit it in. Instead, it should enter the pin bore and groove squarely. In addition, it should be under sufficient tension after fitting to avoid rotation by finger pressure.

Ensure that the open end of the circlip should not be placed to either side of the vertical. While installing tanged wire circlips, you need to take care of few things. First, you must ensure that the tang offset points away from the piston pin.

Seeger pins are intended by stamping, and in the manufacturing process, one side of the circlip has a convex radius face. Its opposite face is flat. When you have such circlip for installation, make sure the radius face is towards the piston pin.

This will ensure that the flat face of your fitting falls against the flat face of the piston circlip.

Why Circlip Fittings Fail?

The most usual cause behind the failure of circlips is the overstressing during fitting. It should be slightly compressed to slip into the piston pin. You should never butt the ends because it will overstress the circlip and make cracks or permanent set and loss of tension.

It is always better to use proper circlip pliers, especially if you install or deal with Seeger circlip. You should know that most Seeger circlips have metric-sized holes for the pliers.

You should never recycle the circlips. Instead, it would be best if you took good care of circlips while removing and refitting them to allow piston installation on the conrod.

Other Reasons To Circlip Failure Are:

  • The tight fit of the piston pin
  • Twisted conrod
  • Bent conrod
  • Excessive crankshaft float

Other than these fittings, piston pins also include the use of bearings. Different types of approaches are used in connection with maximum piston pins- sleeve bearings or bushing type bearings.

The directions or bushings are crafted with bronze or similar material choices by manufacturers. If you need additional information on piston pins and their fittings or bearings, you can contact the manufacturing units and ask the things.

You will get more details on the care and maintenance of piston pins.

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