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Mosquitoes are annoying pests that prevent you from enjoying your indoor and outdoor spaces, but they also pose serious risks to your family’s health by carrying pathogens that can cause infections such as West Nile and Zika.If you find yourself with an infestation, it is crucial that you contact a pest control in Denver as soon as possible. Understanding what attracts them to your home is the key, so here are five smart tips to help you stop these insects in their tracks.

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#1. Get Rid of Stagnant and Standing Water

5 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from Swarming Your Colorado Home this Summer 1
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Within the span of two weeks, one individual mosquito could lay up to 3,000 eggs. They need standing water for eggs to hatch and for their larva to thrive, so eliminating stagnant water around your property is priority one. Clean out any gutters, buckets, garbage cans, and other containers, and be sure to remove old tires and other debris that can collect rainfall. Even ponds beneath leaking outdoor spigots are a hazard, so eliminate these before they become a problem.

5 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from Swarming Your Colorado Home this Summer 2#2. Pay Attention to Pet Bowls, Fountains, and Bird Baths
Clean water that is frequently replaced won’t give mosquitoes a chance to breed. Pet bowls should be dumped and refreshed daily. Fountains, bird baths, plant containers, and rain barrels should be emptied and refilled weekly.

#3. Practice Proper Maintenance for Pools and Ponds
You don’t have to give up your swimming pools and ponds, but proper upkeep thwarts mosquitoes from using them as breeding grounds. Don’t slack on regular pool maintenance such as cleanings, filter inspections, and water circulation checkups. Keep areas around kid pools, pet pools, and ponds weed-free, and consider adding fish that feed on mosquito larva to your ponds.

#4. Keep Your Yard Foliage Tidy
Overgrown weeds, tall grass, and brush may encourage mosquitoes to stick around, especially if they’re located near a source of standing water. Trimming your greenery can help keep pests out. 

#5. Hire a Trustworthy Pest Control Service
Your fight against mosquitoes may require professional help. Mosquito control service experts know where these insects love to hide, and their technicians come armed with sophisticated methods and treatments that control their populations and protect your household.

Proper maintenance is just one step to prevent mosquitoes from swarming your Colorado home, but don’t forget to call the experts for help. Terminix works hard to do whatever it takes to keep pests out of your home. Count on more than 90 years of expertise with an advanced arsenal of products.