How to Protect Yourself

The U.S. has reached unprecedented times as COVID-19 sweeps through the nation and the world. It’s a been a whirlwind of a year and there still seems to be some confusion about the virus because new information is frequently released.

So, if you find yourself confused or bewildered by the swift changes to society, there’s a few things that might be helpful to know, such as how the virus spreads and why people have been taking certain cautionary measures.

How it Spreads

You’ve no doubt seen people wearing face masks and sneeze guards in grocery stores, but what good do these items do?

To understand that, you first need to understand how COVID-19 is spread and contracted. First of all, it’s a respiratory illness similar to the flu that spreads from person to person via small air droplets from things like coughing or sneezing.

The thing that makes it even trickier, however, is that asymptomatic people can sometimes spread the disease, even if they were unaware they were infected.

There is still ongoing research about the health effects of contracting this coronavirus, but the data obtained so far shows a wide array of health issues caused by the disease.

How to Protect Yourself

Knowing COVID-19 is spread through the air, you can now see how the glass or plastic barriers in most stores and businesses are essential to protecting the employees from being exposed to customers’ germs.

Another measure that has swept the nation is wearing face masks to cover your nose and mouth, which some states have made mandatory through government action from their mayors and governors.

This technique is a major help when it comes to decreasing the spread of the virus from person to person because the mask greatly reduces the amount of droplets expelled into the air when you cough or sneeze.

This means there are less particles traveling in public spaces to infect people. The only downside of wearing masks, is that it doesn’t completely protect the wearer from contracting the disease because it can still enter the body through your eyes.

This is why having one hundred percent compliance with wearing masks is so important; anyone who does, whether they are showing symptoms or not, can potentially infect others around them.

The COVID-19 crisis has been difficult to keep up with for many people, but these few facts can help you catch up with the major points of the illness.