Bedroom Apartment

If you are a young couple and you are getting ready to start a family, and you have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for a while and want to expand because of the possibility of a new addition to the family, you may want to think about a 2 bedroom instead.

When your child comes into the world, you probably need to have moved into your apartment and prepared the second room for the new baby.

The new room would have a crib, changing table, sofa bed, and all the gifts you received at the baby shower. Is that a scenario that speaks to your situation?

The Expansion Phase

Well, if not, you could just want a 2 bedroom apartment so you can also expand and have more space. You could also rent a room to a college roommate, friend, or coworker.

It doesn’t matter why you are getting this type of apartment as long as you are doing it for your own specific reasons and it is going to meet your needs.

Ditching Smaller Spaces

A 2-bedroom apartment gives you more leeway to spread yourself; especially, if you were living in a smaller space or shacking up with a friend, or living with your parents.

Finally, you now have enough room to even have an office as an entrepreneur or an extra room to invite family and friends to spend the night or weekend.

The Amenities

In your new 2 bedrooms, you now can decorate as you want; buying new furniture and fixtures and painting for your walls. You are likely proud of moving into a bigger space so you can do all of these things.

In addition, you might like your new apartment because it has so many amenities that you never enjoyed in your past abode such as a gym, community center, and possibly an entertainment center.

In Summary

Now that you are thinking of renting a 2 bedroom apartment East Side Manhattan, you should contact an agent so they process can begin now.

You should not wait much longer because others are looking for similar apartments right now.