Rose Gold Promise Ring

These days, you can come across different options available on the web to impress your beloved one. You can create customized Rose Gold Promise Ring to suit the preference, moods, and budget. Birthstone as well as pre-engagement promissory rings can be gifted to create that magical effect.

You can choose from diamond, birthstone, engraving, gemstone, symbolism in ring setting. The right type of ring selected can help you to be shown in good light and display your artistic taste and fashion.

Rose gold promise ring – Birthstone rings

These are considered to be fabulous choices and do make wonderful pre-engagement Promise Rings. It is not compulsory for you to choose a ring with the recipient’s birthstone only. The ring setting which allows for over two stones can indeed create a beautiful effect on the ring. It is likely to enhance it beauty and overall appearance. The ring can be set having the couple’s birthstone in it. This means, you can have your birthstone as well as that of your beloved on it in the ring. This combination can be set along with gemstones of your favorite color. Diamonds also do make a great, but expensive choice.

Promise rings rose gold – Wonderful designs

The ring can be designed well to have the birthstone of the recipient as diamonds and center stone or the birthstone of the giver as accents. The truth is that it is the budget that dictates the type of ring that you can choose. There are numerous reputed online sites that do offer huge discounts on the purchase. This means, you can go for the expensive ones, without having to bother about the price! Two substitute options are Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia. They are durable and great looking.

Engraved rose gold promise rings for her

Another amazing option to create meaningful and beautiful pre-engagement and birthstone promissory rings is engraving. This type of ring can definitely make the ring much more meaningful, unique and interesting. It can be engraved using messages of any numbers including dates, names, phrase from the favorite songs, dialogues, etc. There are engravings available in different fonts which allow font selection to be part of overall ring design. Moreover, depending upon ring style, engraving option on the outside and/or inside may exist.

Gold promise rings for girlfriend – Engraving ideas

You can come across numerous engraving ideas on the web for pre-engagement and birthstone promissory rings. If you know this person for some time and have been seeing her, you may realize that you have fallen in love with her. You can come up with interesting messages which comes to your mind at the moment or something that you had planned for a long time. You also should determine the significant moments the time you realized this love for her. It is this realization that can actually help to determine and select the right ring for her. The message of love can be very clearly delivered to her in a stylish and personalized manner.


Promise rings are considered to be more than a fashion. The well selected rings do show how much the recipient is being loved by the giver of this fabulous gift.