Remodeling your house can increase the value, become more pleasing to look at, and make it more energy efficient. A lot of older houses still have products in them that contain asbestos. Any asbestos removal should be done by a professional to prevent the contamination of the entire house. Houses built between 1900 and 1990 can have asbestos in the roof, ceiling panels, exterior siding, and even paint.

Most of this poses no health hazard as long as everything is in good condition. Have your house checked before beginning a remodel job to avoid health hazards when removing old siding or roofing.

On The Roof

If you decide to remove the roofing material yourself, there are several precautions you should take. Wear a special respirator that is made for asbestos removal. Keep the material wet while removing and gently lower it down to the ground. Any broken pieces will release asbestos fibers into the air which could contaminate a large area. All material should be placed in plastic bags that are sealed and disposed of properly.

Exterior Siding

Exterior siding that contains asbestos should also should be carefully removed and properly disposed of. There are many different siding options to consider for replacing the old. Vinyl and aluminum sidings come in many different colors and both are easy to install. There are also different metal looks, concrete fiber board, as well as different types of rock look. There is even paint available that will help keep your home much cooler during the hot months.

The Ceiling

If the panels that are there are in good shape with no water damage it might be best to leave them there and install a new lowered ceiling. This can be done using very little tools. Ceiling panels, which are available at a home center, come in various sizes and styles. Drywall can also be installed and finished. This allows you to change your color scheme more easily.


If your water pipe insulation contains asbestos, it should either be removed or encapsulated by a professional. This insulation has probably been damp and had the asbestos fibers exposed. This type of asbestos removal should never be done by someone with no experience. Stay safe and have a pro do this job.

Working Safe

When working on your house, try to avoid working off of a ladder. They are prone to falling which could cause serious injury or death. Use scaffolding which is properly secured with walk boards made for the scaffold. Keep the scaffold level and work slow. Be aware of where you are walking so you do not slip off.

Use roof jacks and lifts if possible when working on a roof. Safety should always come first so you can enjoy your newly remodeled home accident free.