Sesame seeds exporters

Yellowish colored oil extracted from tiny sesame seeds has healing properties. Sesame seeds exporters supply the premium range of sesame seeds to food and oil companies in order to bring the best quality sesame oil for consumers. The sesame seeds have a nutty flavor and are nutritious. Apart from cooking, sesame seed oil is also used for skin. It’s therapeutic oil that heals several ailments and works great on human skin.

The antibacterial and inflammatory properties make sesame oil effective enough to prevent rashes and reduce pimples from appearing on the skin. You can even use this oil to quick heal your wounds.

Why sesame oil is so special?

Sesame is one of the oldest oilseed crop used by human. It is primarily found in parts of Africa, and some parts of India. This super oil has great nutrition value and is lubricating in nature. Sesame seed oil has essential vitamins like E, B complex, D and other minerals including phosphorus, calcium, and proteins that are really good for hair strength.

Many cosmetic manufacturers are using this oil for their range of cosmetic products. One of the major factors that revoke them to use sesame oil in large amount is the expensive extraction process.

How sesame oil benefits your skin?

Sesame oil contains the ingredients that help in providing a nice and silky texture of the skin. The fatty acids and linoleic present in the sesame oil help manufacturers to produce effective moisturizer for skin. They are also rich in vitamin D, E, and B complex that can easily remove the scars and rashes on the skin. Cosmetic manufacturers are using sesame oil as an active ingredient for their latest modern range of products.

Major benefits of sesame oil on skin-

#1. Prevents bacterial infection

Sesame oil can be used for inflamed and wounded skin. It fights against bacterial infections and treat eczema and psoriasis.

#2. Repairs damaged skin cells

Sesame oil is easy to absorb for skin cells. You can use this oil in winters for body massage or mix the oil with other oils as per your need. Sesame oil repairs damaged skin cells and enhance blood circulation.

#3. Keeps you young

#4. Best moisturizing solution

#5. Natural sunscreen

So all these benefits are real and can be availed by you while using sesame oil for skin. Many cosmetic manufacturers have introduced sesame oils for therapy. These products are made from best quality sesame seeds that are directly sourced by sesame seeds exporters in bulk. So, this is why you can avail them at nominal price.

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