Side Hustle Earn Extra Cash

Side hustles are a great way of earning some extra cash for you and your family. However, not everyone has an option of simply going out and finding a part-time job that can supplement their income. Some people live in areas that don’t have a market for side hustles, others simply don’t have enough energy after their regular job. Single parents often can’t leave their kids alone in the house while they are off chasing a buck. That is why we decided to make this guide, listing only side hustles that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Assistant

Many small companies can’t afford or justify having a full-time assistant on the premises, so they outsource this job. It is usually a combination of an office manager and a personal assistant, with all the responsibilities those two jobs entail. Setting up meetings and keeping an eye on various timetables are usually the most important task for a virtual assistant. Of course, companies are not the only ones that hire them. Plenty of individuals who are too busy need someone to keep an eye on their schedule and perform various tasks that allow them to focus on their primary job, like writers. You can earn a significant salary and meet new and interesting people.


When people talk about earning money from gaming, they mostly think of counter Strike or DOTA or some other mainstream game. However, there is another option and the one that can make you a lot more money. It is called iGaming and millions of people all over the world are testing their luck, trying to score big. Places like Paddy Power Games online casino have hundreds of games, designed not only to offer significant monetary rewards but entertain players as well. Many of those players have made successful careers in iGaming and you might easily become one of them.


If you ever dreamed about having your eCommerce store, but could never get past the starting hurdles, dropshipping may be an answer you are looking for. Selling stuff, even over the Internet, usually means a massive logistic network, with huge storage facilities and workers. The need for all that has been eliminated with the advent of drop shipping. All you need is a laptop and some time to set up your business. Your only job is to attract customers to your site and get them to but something, everything else is handled by your wholesale partner. We recommend to checkout How To Create a Website Guide By Templatetester and share your views for best web page builder and template for Dropshipping website design. They will ship the product from their facility directly to the buyer’s address and you will get a handsome commission for each sale.


Freelancing comes in many shapes and forms and you can almost certainly find a field in which your expertise can make you some money. A majority of freelancers are writers, coders, and graphic designers, but there are other occupations that can be profitable as well. Jobs are found through various online services that match clients and providers or by the old-fashioned word of mouth. At first, you won’t see much cash from freelancing, but once you have established your reputation and created a pool of reliable clients, your rates will also go up and you may even be tempted to quit your day job, making your side hustle your main occupation.

Teach English Online

You don’t need a teaching degree to teach English online, but most sites will require at least a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Most clients will be satisfied with having a native speaker as their teacher who can show them the nuances of the language and demonstrate the correct accent. You can choose whether to work with adults or kids, depending on your preferences. Once you have been hired, you can earn between $14 and $22 per hour, which is nothing to be sneered at. Just by dedicating a few hours of your day to teaching, you can earn a handsome amount, which will go a long way into plugging holes in your budget.

eBooks and Online Courses

If you are an expert in your field, you may consider writing an eBook about it or create an online course. There are bound to be some people that need help or are trying to breakthrough in your field and a quality course can help them in their efforts. The good thing about it is that you don’t really need to do any extra work, just write about what you do every day. People have managed to earn millions through sale of eBooks on Amazon and while you may not get there, there is still money to be made from doing it.

Looking strictly for side hustles that can be done from your home may restrict your options, but if that is your only possibility, you don’t have many choices. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where it is easy to find opportunities online. It allows you to stay at your home, determine your own working hours, and not depend on a boss. For many people, leaving a house isn’t an option and the ability to find work online can mean a difference between making the rent or having enough food on the table or not. You just have to pick one that is best suited to you and you can earn some serious money.