SixThreeZero Bikes

Imagine a bicyclist.  The first image that comes to your mind is probably one of two things.  It might be an athletic rider wearing bike shorts, goggles, and a helmet.  He is hunched over the dropped handlebars of a narrow-tired bike, his body barely making contact with the seat.

Alternately, you might imagine an elderly woman ringing the bell of her bike as she passes by her neighbor’s house and waves hello.  The tires on her bike are almost as thick as motorcycle tires, and there is a woven basket attached to the handlebars.  Perhaps she is carrying a bouquet of flowers in the basket, or perhaps her beloved pet Yorkie.

The first scenario involves a bike designed for fitness, while the second involves a bike made with comfort in mind.  The best news of all is that with SixThreeZero bikes, you don’t have to choose.  SixThreeZero specializes in bikes designed for both fitness and comfort.

Multi-Speed Beach Cruisers and More

Many of the beach bicycles on the SixThreeZero website defy classification.  In terms of bike frame, they are beach cruisers, but they are not necessarily single speed.  Some of the beach cruisers on the SixThreeZero site have three speeds or even seven.  These cruiser bikes are both comfortable and quick.

SixThreeZero is dedicated to helping people stay in shape, with bikes designed for riders of all skill levels.  The idea is that bikes that help already fit people get into even better shape do not have to be uncomfortable.  Even the most fitness-oriented bikes should be fun to ride.

SixThreeZero bikes are not just for one single purpose.  They are for getting in shape, being seen, and having fun.  Riders at all levels of fitness and experience can find a suitable bike on the SixThreeZero site.