Glass Door Window Treatment Ideas

When deciding which window treatments to purchase, there are endless options and designs.

The options range from lined curtains, sheers, and blackouts. The choice depends on your style and preferences. Here are some sliding door window treatment ideas.

Lined Curtains and Drapery

Using lined curtains will block out the sun throughout the day. These curtains are perfect during the hot summer months since your house will be kept cooler, and they will safeguard your area rugs and furniture from fading or even sun damage.

You can find drapery and curtains and a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs. As a safety precaution, curtains should be placed out of the way so that you or others do not trip and fall over them.

Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most common and frequently used window treatments and they also provide functionality for privacy. These types of blinds are practical and visually appealing.

Make sure that you choose the appropriate vertical blinds for your sliding door. Failure to do so can deplete its attractiveness and effectiveness of your sliding door.

Built-in Blinds

You may want to consider purchasing specialty sliding glass doors that come with built-in horizontal blinds.

Horizontal blinds are wedged in between two pieces of glass, and they can be maneuvered with a slider knob.

These blinds are immune to dirt and dust. You can simply use a switch to open and close them.

Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical cellular shades are one of the latest sliding door window treatment options and are ideal for privacy.

These shades are also ideal for energy-efficient rooms, and you can pull them open or closed, or you can gather them in the middle based on what suits your preferences. You can choose to purchase the shades as opaque or transparent.

Long Curtain Rod

You and your guests can easily go in and out of the house by using a curtain rod that extends past your sliding glass door. This helps to keep the curtains out of the way so that the traffic is not disrupted.

Sheer Door Curtains

Sheer door curtains allow you to have privacy while still taking in some of the sun’s light. Sheer curtains come in a variety of colors to enhance any theme or décor.

French Door Curtains

French door curtains block out a majority of unwanted light from the sun due to its thick fabric. These curtains also help insulate your home throughout the winter months.

Honeycomb Shades

These shades are a great alternative to curtains. Honeycomb shades work well in both warm and cold climates, and they boost energy efficiency.

The construction of honeycomb shades keeps air in pockets to create insulation that aids with lowering your monthly energy bills.

Get Help Finding the Right Solution

The number of options that are available for window treatments may be overwhelming. If you need assistance with finding sliding glass door window treatments that fit your style, you may want to consider working with a skilled designer.

Once you have a gorgeous winder covering for your sliding glass door, you’ll be surprised how much it can transform the look of a room.