The state of Rajasthan is home to old royal residences, tattered towns and secluded spots. It is also a state where there are stories of adoration, penance and selling out. What’s more, it is amongst this loftiness that lies the most spooky spots in India.

These are stories that verge on being valid as individuals offer stories about their hair raising encounters here. In the event that you have a strong heart and are gutsy enough, simply trot to one of these towns and know for yourself, how genuine or false these stories are. Don’t say later that you weren’t warned!

Are you bored of looking for the mainstream Rajasthan tour packages, looking in awe at the various extravaganzas of the Rajputana state like a typical tourist? Well, try something different this time.

Instead of checking out the celebrated palaces and towns, that even today attract tourists from around the world, go check out the abandoned, quiet spots in Rajasthan that are waiting to share their stories since ages.

These still have narrators, though not in physical form, but you might find one or two of them floating mid air, whispering something in your ear! Scared? Don’t try then. Excited? Go ahead, buddy!


This is a town that most likely everybody has heard about. Bhangarh Fort lies directly in the middle of Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan, at the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve. It has developed as a standout amongst the most prevalent tourist places since it is a genuinely haunted site.

Legends say that the Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati, was beautiful to the extent that a fiendish tantrik called Singhia fell in love with her and wanted the princess for himself. He took a stab at utilizing dark enchantment on the princess so she would come to him.

But the princess soon realized about his shrewd aims and didn’t give him a chance to succeed. Subsequently, Singhia kicked the bucket, and reviled the royal residence before it. Some time later, the sovereigns died and a war broke out. From that point forward, the spot has been left and is known for spooky stories. Do not visit post sunset!


Kuldhara lies 17 kms far from the city of Jaisalmer. Legend has that about around 300 years back, Kuldahara was a town that was prosperous and would serve the Paliwal Brahmins under the state of Jaisalmer.

In any case, legend has that the hostile stares of the defiled PM of that state, Salim Singh, were frequenting the little girl of the leader of the town of Kuldhara. The priest was capable and had goals of wedding her by power.

Both the villagers and the young ladies were not excited about giving into the thought and they wanted this oppression of the priest to end. In this manner, the Paliwals held a gathering where around 85 villagers chose to simply leave their familial homes and flew overnight.

Since then, numerous have come here and attempted to spend a night here, but peculiar things and intriguing paranormal activities hushed them away.


Jagatpura is another area where travelers would prefer not to go much since it is spooky. It is one of the less dwelled spots of the state. It is said that once witches would hone in the territory and it was a center point of malevolence and dark enchantment.

Till date, the spirits of these witches are seen strolling here along the streets of Jagatpura in white outfits and black open hair. The villagers and the occupants of the range bolster the cause as well.