Custom Wine Cellar Furniture Design

Do you have a collection of wine that you’re not planning on drinking right away? Well then, it will be best if you design a wine cellar in your home to store those collections. If you have ample amount of creative ideas in your mind, then you can take the wine cellar designing project on your shoulders and start working on it. Or else, you can also search the internet for some inspiration.

You will find millions of ideas for designing your dream wine storage on  the internet, so you need not worry at all. All you need to do is take out some time and sit in front of the desktop or laptop and search for wine cellar ideas.

While designing a wine cellar, there are many things that you’ll have to keep in mind such as the décor of the cellar, the furniture, cooler and etc. Out of these essential things, one thing that you must take utmost care of is the cellar furniture.

Why? It’s because the cellar furniture will not just lift the look of your home and the wine storage/cellar, but it will also protect your entire wine collection. So, while designing a wine storage, make sure you are very choosy while choosing and designing the wine cellar furniture. There are various types of wine cellar furniture that you will find in the market and even online. Some of the common furniture is wine racks, cabinets and even showcases.

This furniture would hands down keep your wine safe, but there are some other ways too that will help you keep your bottles safely in wine cellar furniture. Want to know the safety measurements? Yes? Then take a look at the below-mentioned ways.

Measures to keep your wine safe with Cellar Furniture Design

Keep The Cellar Cool

Did you know that heat is the main enemy of wine? No? Then you better know this fact before purchasing heaps of wine bottles, both modern and vintage. If your cellar’s temperature is higher than seventy degrees Fahrenheit, then there are 100% chances that the wine will age more quickly than usual.

And, if the wine gets hotter that seventy degrees Fahrenheit, your wine will literally get cooked resulting in flat flavors and aromas. That is why you need to purchase wine coolers to keep the wine from getting spoilt. Try to place the cooler near your wine cellar furniture.

Keep the Furniture away from Light

Do you know why vintners use colored glass bottles for wine? It’s because these bottles act like sunglasses for the wine, and prevent it from the sunlight. Any sort of light, especially sunlight is one more thing that can ruin your wine collection. The UV rays of the sun will definitely degrade and prematurely age all your wine.

Maybe the LEDs you have in the cellar won’t damage the wine, but it can fade the labels on the bottle. Try avoiding fluorescent lights and instead, opt for Incandescent bulbs that emit less amount of UV light. Therefore, when you are adding furniture to the wine cellar, make sure you place them far from sunlight and add incandescent lights around it only.

Check The Humidity

The wine storage room of your home must have a humidity level within 50 percent to 80 percent humidity. You can also place a pan of water in your storage area to improve the condition of the room. Wondering what has humidity to do with wine storage? Well, proper humidity in a cellar will prevent the top of the cork from shrinking, cracking or drying out.

Store The Bottles Upright

While placing the bottles in the cabinet, showcase or simple wine racks, make sure you keep all the wine bottles on their sides so that the wine is constantly in contact with the cork. This will prevent the cork from drying out and you won’t have to drink musty and malodorous wine.

So, these were some essential measures that will help you keep your bottles safely in wine cellar furniture. Wine is not just a drink; it is also an expensive one. Therefore, try to keep it safe by following the above-mentioned safety measures.

Andrew Brown is an interior designer who has specialized in making wine cellars. If you get tips on designing wine cellar furniture, make sure you go through all his informative blogs on wine cellar designing.