7 Essential Stress Free Moving Packing Tips

Moving Packing Tips

Moving house is a stressful job since it involves sorting and logistics and moving the entire stuff present inside the house.

The relocation process includes moving everything and everyone, from children to pets. Now accomplishing this task without professional help can be a total disaster with the best Moving Packing Tips.

Don’t worry. There are specific ways to stop this from occurring and make the process easier and enjoyable from beginning to end. The basics of stress-free moving ensure that you are well versed in this art.

Stress-Free Moving Packing Tips

In short, you need a plan of attack. Below are seven essential packing tips for stress-free moving to keep you happy and your belongings safe?

#1. Allot Ample Time to Purge

When packing, ensure you take out ample time to sort through the stuff you have at home. The idea is to get rid of the things you don’t need any longer. Then, you may sell, donate, trash or recycle the unwanted stuff.

#2. Get Organized

Relocating is not a single-step task. Instead, it involves several steps and moving parts. From setting up leases to cancelling the previous ones, hiring movers, looking for new medical providers and schools, scheduling packing, taking leaves from the office, and indulging in a lot of paperwork, there’s a lot you require to do.

Make a list of all things you would move and things you don’t wish to proceed with. Prepare separate files for paperwork, receipts, and other items. These papers should be stored in a safe place or carried by you during the move.

#3. Prepare Weeks in Advance

This is the most important of all tasks. So start preparing for the move 3-4 weeks in advance. It would be best if you used the weeks for sorting, planning, listing, purging, and organizing the activity. Start by listing out the things you wish to move.

Arrange for packing materials. Organize and group items of similar types, sizes, and shapes that can pack together. Hire movers and packers and change addresses. After that, you may organize garage sales or sell/donate/throw away items you don’t want.

#4. Pack Smart

More than 80% of stress is eliminated when you focus on packing smart. So start packing heavier items and placing them right at the bottom of each box. Next, make sure you put smaller items into plastic bags.

You may also use smaller boxes for the same and then seal them. Also, place them at the top of standard-sized packages. Who can use the softer items to fill in the gaps and make the most of the space?

This provides ample cushion preventing fragile items from breaking. So you can use pairs of socks, gloves, scarves, linens, etc. for the same. Packing smart also means using appropriate colour codes when labelling the boxes.

#5. The Hardware

Experts suggest attaching hardware to the item you wish to disassemble using Ziploc bags. Then, stick it with a strong packing tape. It would be best if you focused on keeping everything together regardless of the type and size.

This prevents hardware from losing and helps you quickly put furniture back together. So give particular emphasis on keeping the hardware together and where you can easily find it.

#6. The Appropriate Materials

When it comes to stress-free and safe moving, appropriate and high-quality packing materials play a pivotal role. These materials guarantee the intact arrival of items. If you plan to move fragile items such as frames, dishes, bone china, etc.

Don’t hesitate to invest in special boxes and paper. You can buy the materials online or at a mover’s store. In addition, it is wise to wrap the furniture in plastic or blankets. This helps keep all kinds of nicks and scratches at bay.

Electronics must be packed in their original boxes if possible. However, avoid packing boxes too full. This may result in items getting broken.

#7. Labelling of Boxes

It would be best if you took ample time to label boxes well. Failing to label well will make things messy and full of hassles after unloading. The technique allows you to pack like a pro and unpack without wasting time.

Poorly labelled boxes also create a lot of problems. So ensure each box is marked with a detailed description of the contents inside.

Also, mention where the box and contents will go in the new place. The boxes need to be organized by room. Using colour-coded markers, stickers, or tape is a good idea.

The above-listed seven essential packing tips for stress-free moving will help you ensure a safe and efficient relocation just the way professionals do. Get in touch with APM Packers and Movers online for hassle-free moving!

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